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They might have been all the rage back in the ‘80s, but three decades on and the answering machine really has had its day.  While it can be hard to take all calls that come in, leaving them to be picked up by an answering machine, or voicemail, can be a big mistake.  At Face for Business we believe nothing quite beats the sound of a human voice and our caller satisfaction survey highlighted that sentiment.

43% of the 1500 people we spoke to, confirmed the telephone as their preferred method of communication, even in this digital age, but said they end calls if they aren’t answered in three rings.  That doesn’t give you a lot of time to reach the phone but the reality is, if you don’t, one of your competitors will.  For an investment that works out at less than a lunchtime meal-deal a day, our efficient phone answering service means every call you receive is answered so you can prevent these amateur mistakes from happening.

Benefits of using a call handling company rather than an answering machine

Losing customers
If a customer goes through to an answering machine, you potentially miss out on their business. Having a dedicated PA on hand to take your calls means each one will be answered in a polite, professional manner and the details will be forwarded to you immediately so nothing is lost.

Throwing money away

If you are investing in advertising and marketing so people can find you, when they do, someone needs to be there to talk to them. You might be in a meeting or on the road when that once in a lifetime opportunity comes along, but with your PA on stand-by it won’t be missed.

Social Media Whispers

If a customer has an issue but you aren’t around to talk to them, you may well find they take their grievances out online and broadcast them to the world. With a knowledgeable assistant to talk to your callers, they will feel valued, looked after and will continue to work with you once the problem has been resolved.

Losing Trust

Winning business is one thing, retaining it can be very different. If you have promised ongoing support and assistance, a virtual PA who knows your business inside out, will ensure that is what they get even when you are in a meeting or on holiday.

FFB has been the best decision we have made and they have logged over 500 calls for us since we started using their service nearly 3 years ago. Now we never miss a call and comparing our records in the first year before we used Face for Business, we were missing at least 10-15 calls per month! They have helped our business not only by taking the calls but in the professional way they are handled, giving our customers the information they need.

Evo Driver Training

Want to change to real people answering your calls?

For more details get in touch on 0333 323 1007 and find out how we can help you make your answering machine a thing of the past and ensure your customers are happier than ever. You can also complete our contact form at the side of this blog post to express an interest, request a call back or complete a 7-day free trial.