GEWUK and Call Answering Services with Face for Business

Being an entrepreneur has huge benefits and the potential rewards are endless, but it can also be lonely, stressful and more demanding than many employee positions.  Global Entrepreneurship Week (13-19 November) is all about celebrating the rich entrepreneurial spirit in the UK and it is hoped people will #GetInvolved and find the support they need so they can achieve the success they deserve.  At Face for Business we know that while it isn’t always possible to take on permanent staff, even when you are over stretched and have a full delivery book, you can outsource certain tasks to ease the load.

Call Answering Services

Why use a call answering service?
First up, call answering. While you can’t get to the phone every time it rings, your callers don’t know you’re in a meeting or with a client and may just hang up and go elsewhere when the voicemail clicks in. At Face for Business we offer our clients bespoke packages that meet their exact needs, so even if they can’t get to the phone, their trained, professional PA can. We prepared a case study featuring one of our clients who is an entrepreneur – he used our phone answering service to give the impression that his business was bigger than it was, so he stood a chance of competing with his competitors. This is just one example of how a telephone answering service, with virtual PAs, can help you in your business.

“Face for Business has been a huge asset to our business in ensuring calls are answered if no one is available at the office and keeping us up to date with messages left. I can highly recommend their services to anyone who cannot afford to miss a call and wants a professional and friendly person to answer their calls.”

Deckbuilders UK

PR and Marketing
If you need to get your voice heard and your message out there, hiring a Communications Consultant could be a step in the right direction. Whether it’s writing a press release, organising a launch event, designing leaflets or running your social media, a fresh pair of eyes and a planned strategy can help get the results you have only ever dreamed of.


We know the adverts say you can build a website in minutes, but the truth of the matter can be very different. Your site doesn’t need to cost a fortune, but it does need to be clean, clear, easy to navigate and simple to find. Ask for recommendations, get a number of quotes and make a sound investment in your business but don’t battle on alone.

Lead Generation

With current clients to keep happy, why not use a lead generation company to help source new quality leads that can be converted into paying customers?


Let’s face it, when it comes to figures, receipts and bank statements, hours can be lost and you’re still often no further forward. A good accountant is worth their weight in gold and won’t only save you time but also money as well as potentially costly mistakes and HMRC fines. If a full accountancy service isn’t needed, a bookkeeper might be more helpful and will again take the pressure off you but ensure your finances are kept in check.

Admin and Data Entry

Every business generates admin which can be labour intensive. By outsourcing tasks such as data entry, taking bookings, running errands and scheduling, you can get on with the bigger jobs that will help you grow.

To make that first change, why not give us a call at Face for Business on 0333 323 1007 and find out how a Virtual PA could help you focus on your business.

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