Wayne Hemingway in Morecambe

Wayne Hemingway in Morecambe, Lancashire

On the 27th November it’s Lancashire Day! Being a Lancashire based business, we could not let the day pass without celebrating this special occasion which dates back to 1295! But what is Lancashire Day all about? Visit the official page here and discover why the day is notable! You can also discover more about our beautiful region by clicking on the Visit Lancashire website.

But as a Burscough based business, in the county of Lancashire, we are always keen to help smaller businesses and entrepreneurs by sharing relevant and inspiring information. One story we can share with you is the success of fellow Lancastrian, Wayne Hemingway!

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Lancashire Rose

In the 1980’s, Wayne Hemingway, Lancashire’s award-winning, multi-disciplinary designer, started his working life running a market stall in Blackburn (read his biography here) but he knew there had to be more to life than working in the cold and lugging boxes out of vans. He took a risk that paid off and today he is sharing words of wisdom that might make you consider going for it too!  Below are some snippets of an interview we had with him a couple of years ago, which will always be relevant for those wishing to start their own business or want to take the next step and grow their company…

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur who is thinking about taking a leap of faith into a new area of business?

You have got to be brave, and you’ve also got to back yourself to have the knowledge to do it. But, you’ve also got to gain that knowledge– you’ve got to swot up and delve in deep. The thing is, if you’re good at one thing, you normally can be good at something else, you’ve got to trust that. You also have to have passion for what you do.

What challenges do you think hinder creativity, and how have you overcome them?

The biggest challenge is always to try and get your idea out to the public. You need a good team around you – in terms of good manufacturers, good sales people and good production people. The biggest challenge is probably not the idea itself, but actually getting it out there. It’s all about making sure that you have the right people around you.

What do you think are the main factors a creative business should consider when setting out on their ingenious journey?

You have got to love what you do, and not just do something because you believe there is a gap in the market, and that you might be able to have a go at it. You have got to have passion and ensure that you understand the end user. Make sure you’re working within the finances and means that you’ve got – make sure you don’t overstretch yourself. It’s good to have people to share the ideas, worries and excitement with – most creative businesses are one man/one woman bands’, and it helps to have someone there to lean on.

As a small creative business starting out, what advice would you give in relation to managing time, budgets and expectations of the first year?

You’ve got to do what you can manage, there is no point in overstretching yourself. You have to be generous with your time, do projects that don’t offer much return, and you often have to “give” a lot before it comes back to you, as that’s the very nature of the arts.

Finally, we’re asking entrepreneurs what their ultimate top tip would be for others considering making the move into setting up their own business – what would yours be?

Just get good people around you to help you deliver it. It’s all about your contacts and who you can go to for help with something. It’s hard on your own. The best thing you can be is a human being that gets on well with other human beings, you need friends, and people who like you, and want to help because they know you are a good person.

Andy MacGregor, Managing Director at Face for Business, commented…

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If you’ve got a brilliant business idea that could take you from the doldrums of a 9-5 job to following the career of your dreams, 2018 could be the year for you.  There will always be 101 reasons not to make that move, but don’t sit back and let life pass you by, instead grab it by both hands and fly!

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We interviewed Wayne Hemingway back in 2014 as part of the inagural International Festival of Business.  If you would like to read the interview in its entirety, visit our blog post here.

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