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Telephone Answering Service Support for Receptionists

The role of receptionists and PAs are ever changing and while your working life might be more interesting as projects become more diverse, the added responsibility can lead to higher stress levels. Even with staff to manage and deadlines to meet, the phone will always ring and will always need to be answered, but, is it you who needs to do that?  The secret to a more efficient reception for you could be our telephone answering service…

A few questions for you

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of phone calls that your company receives? Do you share reception duties but find it difficult to leave your post when you need a break? Does your company hold excellent customer service at the helm of its mission or ethos?  So, if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, our overflow call management service may be the solution you and the company you work for need. Another key to a productive workforce is having the ability to make suggestions and seek opportunities that will be of benefit for the business you work for.

At Face for Business we are working with an increasing number of organisations who need back up when things are busy and the pressure is on. Our role is to step in and ensure that whatever is happening behind the scenes, you are supported and your calls are answered.  So whether you or your colleagues are at lunch, on annual leave or are suffering from lack of resource due to long-term sickness, you can use our telephone answering service as back-up. Maybe your industry experiences peak periods in new customer enquiries – we are here to catch the calls that may slip through the net.

How will our phone answering service help you in your role?

The Perfect Match
From the word go your company will be matched with a PA who already answers calls similar to that of your industry. She will be highly qualified for the role, psychometrically tested and will act as seamless extension of your team. They will know who you are, what you do and will send you detailed messages by email or text so you can make the necessary follow-up calls at a convenient time for you/your manager.

The service that Face for Business provides is exceptional, professional and discreet. Since we commissioned FFB to manage our telephone calls we have had fantastic feedback from clients who believed that our dedicated interceptor was in fact a member of our staff. Thank you for a 5-star service! – The Sewing Rooms

Increased Productivity
Yes, a phone answering service is a financial investment but you get all of the benefits of a permanent member of staff who will act as your eyes and ears but without the costs, paperwork or hassle of pensions, maternity leave and annual leave of employment. Furthermore, you will build up a relationship with our PAs and will come to rely on them for support during flurries of activity. Our pricing starts from £45.00 per month.

Optimising Profits
A call answering PA means important new business opportunities and sales calls will be taken by a real person rather than missed, so you could actually see your company’s profits grow and its reputation will flourish.
Since coming across Face for Business I have never looked back. I find them very professional and an enormous help in freeing up my time and helping to expand my business as I never miss an important call. – Well-Polished

Maybe you have a conference coming up, are recruiting for a new member of staff or are working on the year end accounts and just can’t find the time to undertake additional duties whilst being the main person who answers incoming calls? Simply pop on your divert to us, and we’ll take over for you whilst you get on with your work. Once you’ve finished, take the divert off and you’ll be back in control of your calls.

On the Record
We also record every single call so you can play back your calls and be confident that we’re handling your calls in the manner we said we would. There really is no need to worry! We’re here for you and your team when you need us most.

We understand that in business things can change at any time which is why you can adjust your needs as and when required. At the end of the day we are here to make life easier and that is exactly what we do.

Complementary call answering

If you think our call answering service could complement you in your role, show this blog post to your manager. If they think this is something that would work, and would like an informal chat with one of ours PAs, then please do call us on 0333 323 1007. We may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.  A free, no-obligation 7-day trial could help you convince the powers that be that we make perfect sense for you.

Meet some of our team here… (You could be working in conjunction with them!).

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