2017 Believe in Business

Here at Face for Business, as well as decorating the tree, having our Christmas party and answering client calls, this December we have been reflecting over the past year.  While there was a General Election, terrorist attacks and snow in December that stopped much of the UK in its tracks, what has struck us most is that people still have a passion for business and a belief in what they do.   While there is no getting away from the fact that Brexit is creating chaos and that Trumps’ tweets ring alarm bells, at the end of the day, in a very British way, the show must go on and no one can stop us!  To bring the year to a close, we put together our top five FFB blogs and noticed the common theme was how they all demonstrated a strong belief in business success and we hope they give you food for thought for next year.

Rebranding Face for Business
We kicked off 2017 by rolling out phase one of our rebrand, which we believe reflects our open, honest, professional, yet friendly approach to business. This wasn’t a one-off logo or need to use up budget, but a long-term vision with more to come in 2018, so watch this space.  By the time you read this blog phase 2 will be underway and you’ll see more of our PAs on our newly evolved website. We wanted to get our website just right and have spent the last few months reworking the look of the site.

If you build it, they will come!
There are some amazing business stories out there and one that caught the attention of Sara Parker, our Marketing Manager, when she attended the Go North Wales Conference, was Surf Snowdonia. Andy Ainscough, MD, told us how he turned his passion for sport into an artificial wave lagoon that’s loved by thousands of visitors as well as the Editors of Lonely Planet.

Are you worried about your small business and Brexit?

We’ve already touched on Brexit, but in ‘Are you worried about your small business and Brexit? Lesley Lyle, Director of Positive Psychologies Learning, told us why she doesn’t view it as all doom and gloom.  She told us…“Whenever there are challenges in the business world, such as economic downturns, housing crashes, and currently the uncertainty of Brexit, there are always those who prosper and do well. Instead of worrying about what might happen, adopt an attitude of ‘defensive pessimism’. This is where you think of the worst outcomes and create contingency plans to cope with them. Most importantly, as soon as you’ve done this, put your negative thoughts aside and place your focus on the positive. It’s easy to talk yourself into failure but better to prepare yourself for success.

The 5th Small Business Saturday UK
At Face for Business we have a soft spot for people who are out there doing it for themselves and because 2017 was the 5th Small Business Saturday in the UK, we used this as an opportunity to spread the word about the little guys.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our best blogs run down and would like to wish our readers a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Face for Business and hope you have a happy, healthy and successful 2018!

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