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While people might think that the internet rules when it comes to communicating, our research at Face for Business revealed that 43% of people stated that the humble telephone was their preferred method of communication.  While websites are a fast, convenient way to find out information, compare prices and get reviews, the statistics show that being able to talk to a human being, in a timely fashion (i.e. not being put on hold), wins the confidence vote time and time again.  We understand only too well about the importance of inbound phones calls, due to the nature of our telephone answering service, so we’ve have had a look at why phone calls still matter in the digital age.

Answering the telephone is still key for customer service

Not Everyone Uses the Internet
Some people take internet access as a given, but that isn’t always the case. Older generations and those living in rural areas, aren’t necessarily online so will need to call you if they have questions or concerns. Some clients won’t be liking you on Facebook or finding you on Google, so if you want to keep, or win, their custom, you need to be available on the phone.

Problem fixers
When someone has a problem, they often call a business as they believe it can lead to a faster fix. Whether it’s a new customer asking about a product, an existing client calling about a statement or a PR company looking for comments, they will most likely phone for a swift response.

It might sound funny, but some of us still look for a phone number when they’re considering a new company to work with or buy from. Just like having a professional website or a fixed address, a ‘real’ phone number is considered to be a sign of legitimacy because it says you can be contacted if there is an issue.

Having a company phone number can show customers where you’re located (i.e. via the area code) and reinforces your offline presence thus reassuring people that you are the real deal.

The Personal Touch
It might seem old fashioned, but a telephone call offers a more personal touch, and real-time two-way conversation with a customer can give you an edge of your competitors if they constantly go to voicemail.

There is nothing better than making a phone call and discussing your business with someone. You can interact with the other person, prompt and answer questions and build that business relationship. Lisa Talbot

Customer Experience

Whether it’s a first-time interaction with a prospect, converting a lead or offering support post-purchase, answering the phone is critical for positive customer experiences, repeat business and recommendations.

With all of this said and done, we know that it simply isn’t possible to get to the phone every time it rings, however dedicated you are. As part of our telephone answering service we match each client with an experienced, professional call handling PA who takes their calls when they are otherwise engaged. With a solid understanding of who you are and what you do, they are like any other member of your team and offer assistance and reassurance as required. Detailed messages are sent to you by email or text so you can call back when the time is right.

Face for Business helps to make our day less stressful and more productive. They have also saved me so many new business enquiries, which may have otherwise gone to a competitor of ours. Using FFB takes away the stress of worrying about missing new business. My PA and her team are also great at customer service, and I am rest assured that my clients are receiving a fantastic caller experience!

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