Our client base of driving schools and driving instructors is growing all the time, adding to our experience and knowledge of this vibrant business sector. Learn Driving UK has been using our telephone answering service since January 2014 and is one of our longstanding and loyal customers, with whom we have a really close working relationship with.

Learn Driving UK transfer all of their daily calls to us. We have daily interaction with the owner of the business, Helen, who’ll confirm the priority bookings out of her pool of instructors.

The benefits of using Face for Business for Learn Driving UK are:

  • No more worrying about losing out to the next driving school; we’ve captured the information and pupil for them.
  • Pupil lessons are not interrupted to take calls; the instructors concentrate on the task to hand.
  • We arrange all diary appointments for all the instructors, freeing up their time which drives business forward.
  • Pupil’s details are collected for the company’s phone book, saving them time and providing a database for their use.

Furthermore, with the law stating that you cannot take calls whilst supervising a pupil driving, then a telephone answering service is a great solution for driving instructors. We also have in-house systems that enable us to keep track of daily changes from our driving schools and instructors sector. With 1.6m driving tests each year, how can you afford not to use a call handling service?

More information about our Driving School Packages

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Client Testimonial

“Since using Face for Business I find the virtual office arrangement has been very beneficial to my business.

I run a very busy driving school and I was missing so many calls. But now thanks to Face for Business most, if not all calls, we receive are being answered.

Our dedicated PA is a delight and we couldn’t have selected a better person. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Face for Business.”