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How many times have you sat and watched Dragon’s Den and wished you were brave enough to take the plunge, hand in your notice, leave your safe job behind you and follow your entrepreneurial ambitions?  Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all identified an opportunity, took a risk and made a dream a reality, but what makes a business person an entrepreneur?

Going for it even if you aren’t fully prepared, making mistakes, learning quickly and being flexible. You will also end up doing loads of jobs you never wanted to do as well as all the fun bits you started the business for in the first place. It also means an endless life cycle of crashing lows and dizzy highs!

Laura Sweet, Amamaya Clothing

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At Face for Business we are working with an increasing number of entrepreneurs and we’ve looked at some of the traits that put them in a league of their own. But first, take the Face for Business entrepreneur quiz and see if you are set to be the next big thing.

Once you’ve taken our quiz and have the bug to go out there and set yourself up, have a look at some pointers that we think may help you on your way, as well as some inspirational quotes from people who are living their own entrepreneurial dream!

Entrepreneurs are set on making their businesses work, and have the discipline to work hard every day to reach their goals and objectives, even if it means making sacrifices in other areas of their lives.

It means waking up in the middle of the night, most nights with a new plan, new product or service idea, solution to a problem or something else to add to your long to do list. It’s like having another child.  Sam Bowen


An entrepreneur doesn’t ask others what they think, they simply go out there and do it, and if they make a mistake, they will learn from it and move on.

Being an entrepreneur means stretching, reaching and connecting. It means making mistakes and looking back over those mistakes and seeing them for what they were, markers along the way to building something that surprises even you.  Belinda Seaward of Horsemanship for Health

Open to ideas

Every event, meeting and situation is a business opportunity which means these business people are constantly looking for new ideas and ventures, even if that isn’t the job in hand.  An entrepreneur is in it to win it, they know their value, they are competitive in price and offerings and will always highlight their successes.

It means grabbing ideas and getting them out quickly.” David Bennett, Flying Twigs Competitive

Entrepreneurs look at challenges as an opportunity for success and won’t believe that something cannot be done so they will try, try and try again until it happens.  Andy Carr, Founder of Spoon Customs, said..

lt’s a bit like cycling for me; it doesn’t get easier, you just get faster.

A belief in people
With strong communication skills, entrepreneurs are able to not only sell products and services to clients but can motivate employees and highlight the benefits of any situation to almost anyone. An inbuilt work ethic.  The successful entrepreneur will often be the first person at the office and the last one to leave, and will even take their work on holiday. Their mind is constantly on their business, whether they are in the workplace or not.

It’s really hard to stop your business overtaking your life. I’m constantly thinking about it, talking about and sometimes it stops me sleeping because I can’t switch my brain off!  I also worry that everyone who knows me finds me boring now as I am always going on about my work.

Rebecca De Jager, Hugo’s Workshop

We have left it until last but we think that passion is the most prominent trait of the successful entrepreneur. They believe in what they do, they push themselves, put in hours, they invest when it is needed, they read and research to make their business better and stronger and they love what they do.

For me being an entrepreneur means pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible and dealing with whatever the consequences are – good or bad.  Shirley Goodgroves, Two Birds London

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy, many challenges can come along and as Jessica Killingley, a Business Coach, said…

You have to throw an awful lot of spaghetti at an awful lot of walls…

Next steps…
If you are thinking of taking the leap into entrepreneurship or are perhaps already there and would like support with your inbound business calls, come and take a look at our services.  You can appear larger, like our client Jesse and capture those new clients you are so desperate to win!

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