Face for Business Telephone Answering Service Client Satisfaction Survey 2018

Face for Business achieves a 100% customer happiness rate! 

Asking your clients to comment on your service or product that you offer can be quite a daunting thing to do, but when you have a service that you are proud of and believe in, you can expect a good response.  This was the case when we collated the responses to our latest Client Satisfaction Survey…

“I think the service is impeccable and creates an excellent first impression. Vital with every business, well done.”

All the team here at Face for Business couldn’t be happier with the results of our recent Client Satisfaction Survey.  As we approach our 5th birthday, and a major milestone in any start-up journey, we’re pleased to see that those who responded to our survey gave us a 100% client satisfaction rate, meaning a 100% client happiness rate! Read on to discover more about our results…

Q1. How do you rate the overall Face for Business service?

We achieved… “91% very satisfied. 9% satisfied”.

Face for Business Telephone Answering Service 100% Client Satisfaction

With additional comments such as… “Service couldn’t be better!”Absolutely love the team!”Very professional!”

This matters to us because we believe in our mission statement…

To become the UK’s best PA/Receptionist provider, by going the extra mile for our clients and delivering outstanding quality, service and value

Q2. How well do you feel your Face for Business PA knows your business?

Our unique selling point is ‘Our PAs are the Difference’ and we try to ensure that our on-boarding process embraces this.  Our PAs make it their business to know our clients’ businesses, and with survey results proving that they do, we know that the way we’re structuring our service works…

My PA knows exactly how I like my business to be run, she is amazing.

We’ll be honest, 30% of respondents said that their PA knows their business ‘extremely well’ with 55% choosing ‘very well’ and 13% ‘ok’.  Only 2% chose ‘not well enough’ and we’re addressing these concerns via our development feedback process, which we encourage every client to use.  This is what helps to make our service so effective and personal to each client who we answer calls for.

Q3.  Do you feel that you have regular contact with your Face for Business PA?

We’re trying to gain the right balance for our clients in terms of contact with their Lead PA.  The results of this question shows us that 65% of our clients say they do have regular contact with their PA with 17% not being sure and 18% choosing ‘no’.

No contact with my PA (my choice), but that suits me fine – FFB just works and I absolutely love it!

We send out regular monthly correspondence to our clients to ensure that they build up an effective working relationship with their PA, and we plan to establish the right level of regular contact for each client going forward and will raise this as part of our on-boarding process, too.  However, a large number of our clients do ring their PAs on a daily basis to confirm their whereabouts, which helps the PAs to look like they are working alongside their clients. See here for an example of how this works well in the finance industry.

Q4. How accurate are the messages we take for you?

100% of our clients say that the messages we take for them are accurate.  What a result! This is music to our ears as we really do pride ourselves on the quality of the messages we send on.  Our PAs participate in a 12-week training process (formerly six weeks) to ensure that they grasp the nature of the service we offer and to ensure that they understand our bespoke technology and call handling protocol.  We are all absolutely delighted with this response.

Q5.  What value for money does the Face for Business service offer to your business?

“100% value for money!”

55% chose ‘excellent value for money’ with the remaining 45% optioning the ‘good value for money’ statement.  In such a competitive market, again, we are over the moon that our clients believe in the value of our service and sign-up to our competitive pricing. We offer three different pricing packaging, tailored to suit the many different types of businesses we answer calls for; Message Only, All In PA and Inclusive Minutes.

Q6. How clear would you say our monthly billing process is?

Some bills, especially utility bills, can be quite difficult to understand and we always wanted to be transparent with our billing process and the way in which we charge for calls.  Our accounts department optimises our clients’ first two month’s bills to ensure that they are on the pricing package that suits their usage best. This is reflected in the survey results for this question with 62% opting for ‘very clear’ and the remaining 38% choosing ‘clear’.

Q7.  Are you aware of our feedback function?

We believe we are one of the only telephone answering services in the UK to include a feedback function as part of our service. Alongside this, we also record all calls so that we can offer our clients full transparency. The feedback function allows them to listen back to all their calls and provide feedback on each call.  There is a positive feedback option and a ‘development feedback’ choice. Any development feedback is sent straight to the Office Manager and Team Leaders and is followed up as a matter of priority.  32% of our clients use the feedback function and 26% know of it but don’t use it at the moment, 33% are not sure where it is, with the remaining 9% choosing not to use it. We plan to roll out the feedback function process individually to all clients via their Lead PAs.

Q8.  Do you have any comments you’d like to make about our service?

Comments include:

My PA goes out of her way, it feels as though she is in the office with me!

An app and an email management service would be great.

We’re pleased with the assistance we receive from FFB.

We love FFB!

You provide a great safety net for us through busy periods.

For our clients to call us and always speak to a ‘human’ is great for us.

I think you need to offer a pay as you go service.

One thing that would be very useful is a timer on the message page so we can keep track of our minutes used against our monthly allowance.

Offer an outbound calling service.

Our clients are pleased with our telephone answering service!

As you can see from the comments our clients are pleased with our service and have even offered some suggestions, which we’re looking at.  We may not be quite there yet, and not able to meet everyone’s expectations in terms of the service we offer, but we’re doing what we do best – answering calls on behalf of our hundreds and hundreds of clients!

Would you like to try our service?

If so, please call us on 0333 323 1007 and we’ll be happy to talk to you about how our telephone answering service works. Alternatively, you can note your interest by completing our online form.

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