The staff at independent opticians, Jones & Co needed a telephone answering company to deal with calls when they couldn’t get to the phone. Face for Business stood out to them as we shared the same business values – namely friendly and a less corporate feel. This was important to Jones and Co, as their business thrives on excellent customer service and they didn’t want people thinking they were ringing a call centre hundreds of miles away.

Jones & Co had good feedback from their clients and our message taking service works perfectly for them, allowing them to reply to clients and even ‘buy’ time with certain clients who may need a little more preparation for before having a return call.

The benefits of using a telephone answering service for opticians are:

  • Calls are answered when the opticians are in consultations with their customers
  • Cost savings – there is no need to employ an additional receptionist
  • No more worry about capturing new customers – new enquiry details are taken during calls
  • Providing a professional and friendly image by having all calls answered by a polite and friendly PA

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Client Testimonial

I researched a number of companies but Face for Business stood out and seemed to have a friendly, less corporate feel to it. A bit like hiring a stand in receptionist for the day. This was important to Jones and Co, as our business thrives on excellent customer service. We had good feedback from our clients (some were a little confused that it wasn’t me answering the phone!) but overall it has worked well.

I couldn’t really find any company who had the same personal feel as Face for Business. So far this has worked and we have stuck with Face for Business, which I am pleased about! I recommend them to everyone and I am always full of praise for the service we have received from you.

Jones & Co