Hannah, Lead PA for the Finance Sector

Our Telephone Answering PAs are the Difference!

Here at Face for Business we strive to make our clients’ callers’ experience a positive and pleasurable one. We believe that ‘Our PAs are the Difference.’ Why are they different? Because they care – each and every one of our PAs look after their own clients and strive to become the best telephone answering PA that they can. They are conscientious, polite, friendly, yet professional.

Read more about why our PAs will make a difference to your financial services business here.

Looking after calls from the financial sector

Meet Hannah. Hannah is one of our PAs who looks after our clients from the financial sector. Whether they are independent financial advisers, mortgage brokers, accountants, book keepers or larger business in the finance industry, Hannah will answer their calls and is knowledgeable and familiar with the type of calls these businesses receive. She approaches each call with the same friendly manner, and is able to advise her clients’ callers’ when a call back is due, where the client is and when expected back to the office. Our call handling service works as if we are sitting at your own reception! There is always interaction between Hannah and her team and their finance clients, and the working relationship is built up similar to that of an office employee.

Your telephone answering PA is accessible during the working day, and is available to speak to when:-

• status updates are needed
• there are changes in office personnel
• holiday dates are forthcoming, and specific instructions need to be given
• there is a peak period on the horizon, and call volumes may increase
• bespoke instructions are required for certain callers – or VIP callers are anticipated

In fact the only thing your phone answering PA won’t be able to do is make you a cuppa!

Read about one of Hannah’s clients’, Malcolm, here. Malcolm is a sole-trader, who works from home and uses FFB to take the pressure off and to capture new business when he can’t answer the phone himself. He says…

I am in control of my calls and no clients are lost and no calls are missed!

What our clients from the finance sector say about FFB

My Dedicated PA understands me and my business, how I work, and is able to talk to the clients, new and old about me and my service.

The service saves me having to take nuisance sales calls which could possibly make me late for my appointments.

If you would like to have a non-obligatory chat with one of our PAs about how our call answering service will work for you in your financial business, call us on 0333 323 1007 or complete a 7-day free trial enquiry form.

We look forward to answering your calls and capturing those new leads for you, as well as giving your business a great image!