Face for Business Telephone Answering Service 1m calls

We are absolutely thrilled and delighted to have reached a magnificent milestone in reaching our ONE MILLIONTH CALL. We discovered earlier this year that we had answered one million calls, and the lucky call handler was Team Leader, Lynne!

We have been answering calls on behalf of hundreds and hundreds of UK businesses since July 2013 and continue to do so, meaning that we are growing in the right direction.  We have grown from a 5-person business, answering less than 50 calls a day, to an established telephone answering company which has seen a 500% increase in recruitment over the last 5 years and are now answering up to 1300 calls per day.

But it’s not a coincidence that we have reached these figures. We are committed to answering calls in the best possible way we can for our customers. We provide our customers with free call recording, meaning that they can listen back to their calls to ensure that their Lead PAs are answering, as requested.  We also offer a feedback function, to encourage our customers to use, again, to confirm that we are going the extra mile for them in their business.

All the staff here at Face for Business have worked extremely hard to help reach this milestone and they’re all thrilled to be able to share this huge achievement.

Helen Christian, Office Manager, says,

“It’s testament to the PAs that we have reached this milestone. They are dedicated to their job roles and really do ensure that they know as much information as they can about the companies they answer calls for. They are recruited for their customer service ethos and their willingness to help.”

Andy MacGregor, Managing Director, backs this up by explaining…

“All our virtual receptionists make an effort to act as a true PA for the businesses they work for. They get to know callers and build up a rapport with regular callers, just as if they are working alongside their clients in their office. It’s great to see the feedback we receive. I am so proud of what the whole team are achieving!”

As Face for Business approaches its 6th year in business this summer we all hope that we can broaden our reach and connect with many more businesses.

If you would like to find out more about our telephone answering service, please email hello@ffb.co.uk or call our office for an informal chat on  0333 323 1007.

We look forward to taking your call!