Victoria Tretis, Online Business Coach

Working for yourself can be both a daunting and isolating experience, but MY [ ] Rocks certified online business manager, Victoria Tretis, talks to Face for Business about the types of things she gets up to on a typical day at the office!

Tell us about a day in the life of My [ ] Rocks?

I recently retrained as an Online Business Manager and gained my certification in early 2019. As a result, I’ve moved away from VA services and started scaling my business by moving into office space and taking on my first employee.

Marina and I usually open the office around 9am. We then go through our project management system to determine what tasks we have on our plates for the day, and we also review all inboxes to see what else has come in overnight and would need to be added to the list. We then tick through the tasks methodically, adapting as we go if/when other things crop up.

We finish up at 3pm as I set up this business so that I could do the school drop offs and pick-ups, so 3pm is a hard stop for me. My daughter is both my motivation (to do well) and my excuse (to leave on time!).

How do you manage your day?

We use time blocking to allocate chunks of time for each client each day. We then know exactly whose account we should be working on and when. We’re also slaves to our project management system and rely on recurring tasks and task logic to know exactly what we need to do and when to ensure nothing falls through the cracks or is delivered late. I also use a telephone answering service (Face for Business) to answer my calls. Knowing that clients or potential clients can get through to a lovely human rather than my robotic voicemail (and those voicemail notifications NEVER come through straight away) gives me masses of peace of mind. They have a handy little app which means I can let my call answering PA know how long a meeting is going on for and when I’ll be “free” again. It’s simple to switch my divert to Face for Business on and off, so I can also answer my own calls when I’m free to do so.

Do you feel isolated or do you have regular interaction with people?

I felt really lonely when I first started but I soon built up an online support group to help with that. Now that I’m in the office every day, it’s a completely different vibe! I also wrote about this subject, “Working Alone Without Feeling Lonely.”

Do you attend networking meetings?

I have done in the past, yes. It’s a great way to combat isolation! We all know that people do business with those they know, like and trust, and most of my business comes via referrals via LinkedIn, and they’re usually people I’ve never met! How cool is that?! Networking without leaving the house?! LOVE IT!

If you would like to know more about Victoria Tretis and the coaching work she undertakes visit her website and also see our interview with Victoria surrounding Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing.

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