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Face for Business, a UK based Telephone Answering Service and Live Chat provider, supports Opticians in their day to day business by answering overflow calls and managing their client’s live chat for them.  We appropached some of our clients in the Optician’s sector to gather feedback and insight into how a support service, such as ours, can help independent practices.  Matt Rose spoke to us and gave his opinions and thoughts.

“It sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it? A lot of people would think I’m barmy, but over the years we’re seeing fewer people but turnover has risen as they’re spending more.”

Says Matt Rose of Brittain Opticians in Birmingham.  The secret of Matt’s success?  It’s no secret at all – it’s all about customer service.

“Customers appreciate that they may have to pay more on the high street but they really respond to the kind of customer experience we give them. The service that you simply can’t get online. It’s our job to attract those sorts of appreciative people.”

No Silver Bullet – Just Strong Core Values

In any business there’s always the temptation to look for the ‘shiny new thing’ to make a difference, something that will elevate you above your competition or make you stand out from the crowd.  What Matt and his team have learnt is the absolute importance of core values. That there’s no point in trying to reinvent the wheel when you properly recognise the importance of your guiding principles. Of being friendly and helpful, of listening to your customers. Of spending time with them, being attentive and building a strong rapport.

“We’re always thinking ‘what else can we do?’ but sometimes we have to recognise the importance of our core principle of being friendly and helpful and listening to our customers.

At the end of the day are you the right person to give the customer what they want? Can they afford it? Are you polite? Can they get an appointment?”

Supporting Your Principles

So how do Matt and his team apply such successful customer service values? How do they exceed customer expectations? Consistency certainly offers one clue…

“A lot of our staff have been with us for a long time and the continuity helps. It’s easier for the customer and for the staff. A much more personal experience for both.”

As does freeing up staff time to spend with customers. Something that’s also extremely helpful in building a more loyal customer base and a more robust business. But freeing up that time doesn’t happen by itself. Take the Face for Business call answering support as one example of how to boost the quality of service:

“While it’s preferable that an experienced member of staff takes a call, it’s great to have FFB as a second line”, says Matt. “It means that we can operate outside of our normal hours. It’s really reassuring that the high quality of Face For Business means that we can be totally confident our clients get a friendly, professional service.”

Face For Business’ online Live Chat Service has also provided Matt’s clients with another quick and simple way to contact Brittains.

“Not only does the online chat efficiently deal with customers who just have simple questions – like opening times and location – it also filters out sales enquiries and people just shopping for lowest prices. One extra appointment a month and it’s paid for itself.”

When it comes to what really makes a difference to his business’ turnover, Matt is certain the answer lies with customer service. And that Face For Business is key to keeping those service levels high:

“I’d like to think that even our minimum standard of service is a bit higher than other places. But it’s things like using Face For Business that really helps us take that service to the next level.”

We offer our clients in the Opticians sector an outsourced reception service, meaning:-

  • No more interrupting phone calls in your reception area, freeing your staff to focus on your customers and, in turn, making their life less stressful.
  • Your calls will divert to our experienced Optical PA Team who will answer in your company name as if they work in your practice.
  • You’ll give both existing customers and new enquiries a fantastic customer experience!

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