Coronavirus in the small business community

Be prepared for Coronavirus and the effects on your phone calls and staff wellbeing. 

A few questions for you…

Are you concerned about the effect the Coronavirus will have on your business?
Could staff absent from work cause you loss or disruption to your business?
Will your remaining staff be overworked and stressed? Do you worry about their wellbeing?
Will you need additional enquiry line support?

So many challenges to consider. But, if you are feeling particularly worried about the possibility of disruption to your business due to Coronavirus then we can help you with emergency and disaster planning.

Support with your business telephone calls

If you want your staff to work from home they may not be able to answer your inbound calls. If you choose to use our service as a back-up, we can help to take away the headache of trying to reroute phones to employees’ mobiles (or worse still, their home phones)…

Face for Business can assist you with inbound calls to your business. You can have all, or some, of your calls answered by our PAs, which will help support you and your staff during these uncertain times. The set-up is simple – your calls can be live with us within a few hours and you’ll be rest assured that if your business starts to suffer from staff shortages then you’ll have a plan in place.

Your business will hopefully not be affected, but just in case, we would like to offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our telephone answering service or live chat support from as little as £39.00 per month, with no set-up or activation fees to worry about or long term contract.

How will we remain open you may ask?

Face for Business has its own emergency plans in place as we are a support service for hundreds and hundreds of UK businesses, and we don’t want to let any of them down. We have back-up staff on standby and a second site is to be utilised, enabling us to lower the risk of the virus spreading. We’re confident that we’ve taken every possible precaution and are confident that we will remain operational and able answer your calls, should the virus reach West Lancashire.

If you’d like to find out more please do get in touch and we will discuss how we can help you.

Useful links:-

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