7 Reasons to use a Telephone Answering Service

Business is booming, the order book is full and your social media feeds are buzzing, but if you can’t get to the phone to speak to customers, you could have a problem on your hands.  While you might not be in the position to employ a member of staff, using a telephone answering service is an efficient, cost effective solution to ensure when the phone rings, a human is there to take the call.  At Face for Business we work with a range of clients from small start-ups to established national companies and offer each one a bespoke service that meets their needs.  If you are wondering if call answering is for you, let’s have a look at what it offers.

Using a phone answering service means you’ll never miss a call again.

1.  Never miss a call again
A phone answering service means you won’t miss a call ever again. Simple. While we live in a 24/7 digital age, people still like human interaction and that is exactly what we offer. Securing just one sale a month as a result of signing up to a telephone answering service and having your PA take the call, could pay for the investment itself.

2.  Giving the right impression
You might be an entrepreneur with ambition, but you want the world to see you as a thriving enterprise, and a call answering service can do just this. At Face for Business your designated PA will use agreed scripts in a friendly, professional tone to continue building the brand you have already created. While they might be sitting in our office, you can be confident that they will be an extension of your team and act on your best interests.

Hiring a receptionist can be expensive and right now you might not be able to justify paying someone to handle calls. Asking other members of the team to answer the phone could be an option but that will take them away from their work and effectively cost you money. A virtual PA is a clever way to give the impression of an efficient, on the ball business, which is exactly what you are.  Take a look at our virtual receptionist services here.

Our call answering service helps with staff shortages

4.  Empty office?
Whether it is annual holiday season, someone is off sick or you are recruiting, with a call answering service, your phones will be picked up even if there is no one in the office. You can choose when calls are answered, where they are diverted to and you will always get your messages in your preferred format straight away. See how our call answering service can help you out when you’re suffering from staff shortages.

5.  Totally organised
A good assistant doesn’t just take your calls, they keep you on track. At Face for Business our PAs can book, cancel and rearrange appointments for you as well as taking payments, which means you have less admin and are impressively organised.

Filter and forward your calls with our telephone answering service.

6.  Increase your productivity
When you are in the middle of a meeting or knee deep in documents, the last thing you need is to break the flow by answering the phone. A telephone answering service is the perfect way to filter and forward calls, so you can focus without interruptions. Meeting requests, sales enquiries and important new business queries can be answered by your PA and forwarded to you by email or text.

7.  Be confident it is being done correctly
We all like to be in control of our destiny and putting faith in an outside company can be hard. At Face for Business not only do you have your own, trained PA who understands who you are and what you do but you can also listen to the calls they answer on your behalf. All of your calls and messages will be accessible to read and listen to, 24 hours a day, via our unique web portal.

I love not to have to take every call, saving me time every time I switch the service on. I particularly like being able to listen to the call as a callers tone says so much. Every call is handled professionally and how we want. Being able to change my status so my receptionist knows how to respond is great. I can email my receptionist to clarify anything that might be at issue. Working with Face for Business has been excellent.

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