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Outsourcing for Business

Accordingly to, new UK outsourcing deals were up 65% in the first quarter of 2014, with the following business looking to outsourcing more being; HR, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Recruitment and IT.

This news, together with Virtual Assistants being one of the top 14 start-up trends of the year, means that outsourcing to a telephone answering service has never been so on point!

And, to back this up, The Guardian recently published an article on its Small Business Network saying that ‘outsourcing enables entrepreneurs to focus solely on their own business, and keep initial costs to a minimum’.

Taking all the above into account, you may want to consider using a telephone answering service to outsource your calls!

So, do you have a…

  • large reception?
  • busy switchboard?
  • employees with direct dial phones with no receptionist or PA?

Do you rely on your incoming calls for…

  • Customer service?
  • New business?
  • Communication?


Are your missed calls valuable to you?

Are missed calls valuable to you?  Do you rely on incoming calls to bring you new business?  If your answer is yes to any of the above, then read on for some useful information to help you maintain your professional image and increase your income.

UK Telephone Answering Service

Face for Business is a UK telephone answering service providing you with a flexible solution to all your call handling problems.  Our provision works perfectly for small companies and start-ups who need help with answering calls on an ad hoc basis, to maintain that important first impression.  It also complements the large businesses who have a busy reception and switchboard, and need additional cover during lunchtimes, holiday periods and to help with HR headaches in relation to long-term sickness or maternity leave.


How does our outsourced reception work?

Well, it’s easy!  Speak to a member of our team, who will talk you through our packages – starting from as little as £18.00 per week.

• Set up your phone diverts – we’ll talk you through the process.
• Agree your greeting with your own dedicated PA – they make it their business to know yours.
• Make the move and let us take the weight off!

Still interested?

Link to our full services and benefits and call us today to start your free trial!