Word of Mouth Marketing with Face for Business!


Face for Business starts its own ‘Member Get Member Referral Scheme’.

So, why is word of mouth marketing so important?  It’s effective, as it’s usually come from a trusted source.  It’s good for your brand, and can be cost effective -saves time, money and pressure from a sales perspective.

Referral Conversations for Word of Mouth Marketing

At the moment, it seems social networks are the biggest influence with customers sharing online recommendations and enabling conversations between marketers and customers.  And, according to Marketingcharts.com, The Word of Mouth Association (WOMMA) and the American Marketing Association (AMA) undertook a survey at the end of last year to find out views and discovered that “2 in 3 marketers say word-of-mouth marketing is more effective than traditional marketing”.

Using an Existing Client Base

Face for Business has built up a notable client base, and have customers from all types of businesses – from driving schools, to independent financial advisers and from estate agents to cleaning and maintenance companies.  Have a look at our Client Page.

We’re happy to be able to convey to you, that some of our customers have recommended our services to associates of theirs.  This is excellent for Face for Business, as it proves that our provision is meeting the requirements of our customers.

Customer Incentives

To this end, we have a ‘Member Get Member’ referral scheme.  We are offering our customers an incentive to refer our telephone answering services to their associates, networks or friends.  For every customer they recommend to us, they will receive £100* off their next bill (or the same amount in vouchers).

If you’re an existing customer of Face for Business, and would like to join our Member Get Member referral scheme, please contact us on 0333 3231 007.

*Incentive will be awarded after the first months bill has been paid, by the referred customer.

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