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“The Story of Your Success on the Web Starts Here”. What a great opener to our client - Juicy Visual’s website! Juicy Visual offers a variety of services from their web based business in Cornwall. The company is run by Thomas Dobson, who gives a young and dynamic feel to this freelance design agency.

Services include:


  • Web design – pixel perfect website for small and medium business countrywide
  • Logo design – need a professionally-designed logo? Much more than a simple icon, a good logo captures the energy and values of your brand
  • Graphic design - brank spanking new business cards, letter heads, compliment slips and brochures will work wonders for your profile

Face for Business has been providing telephone answering services to for Juicy Visual since February of this year. Thomas works from home, and enquired about our service as he was getting inundated with calls whilst trying to complete portfolio designs.

As he is a small business his concern was keeping costs to a minimum but wanted to look for a solution to his call answering issues. He also didn’t think it was professional when he took calls on his mobile when he was with clients. After searching for a call answering service online and reviewing our website, he gave us a call and has been a happy customer of ours for the past few months.

The benefits of using Face for Business for Juicy Visuals are:

  • Calls are answered when in client meetings
  • Costs are saved – no need to employ a receptionist
  • We can take calls when needing to concentrate on designs

Also, as with most independent companies, employing a receptionist to capture calls can prove quite costly compared to using a telephone answering service.

Here’s what Thomas had to say about our services

“I’ve been using Face for Business now since early February, and have found the service to be invaluable. As I am often out with clients for hours at a time, I rely on Face for Business to take any calls for me. I also don’t like taking calls when I’m busy with design work or with a client, as I like to give them my undivided attention. Having a call answering service means that I don’t have to worry about missing any calls, which could be a new client. I also have the back-up support which means that my dedicated PA takes detailed messages for me from my callers. My PA, Vicky, is very polite, knowledgeable about my business and is an absolute dream to work with - my clients love her and have commented on my ‘lovely new PA’ several times!”

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