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Coronavirus in the small business community

Be prepared for Coronavirus and the effects on your phone calls and staff wellbeing. 

A few questions for you…

Are you concerned about the effect the Coronavirus will have on your business?
Could staff absent from work cause you loss or disruption to your business?
Will your remaining staff be overworked and stressed? Do you worry about their wellbeing?
Will you need additional enquiry line support?

So many challenges to consider. But, if you are feeling particularly worried about the possibility of disruption to your business due to Coronavirus then we can help you with emergency and disaster planning.


Eyewise Blog Image
Harsh, Eyewise Opticians


Your competition? It isn’t always who you think it is.  Certainly not if you’re as switched on as Harsh of Eyewise opticians in Hillingdon.  Because Harsh doesn't just see competition as many of us do, as direct industry lookalikes, as other businesses occupying the same product space or even the same location as us - he sees competition everywhere. From the hairdresser down the road, to the internet to, well, anywhere a customer might spend their money that isn’t with him.

“Everything we do is trying to differentiate ourselves from the competition.” says Harsh.  “Even the competition that aren’t local opticians but in our local shopping parade. They could be anything - there are three hairdressers nearby for example.  “What I’m trying to get at is that people choose how they spend their monthly income and may forgo a visit to the opticians because that’s not their priority.”



Telephone Answering Service for OpticiansPaul, P & A Morgan Opticians

How to Thrive When Your Business Doesn’t Live on an ‘Island of Affluence’

Face for Business gained some valuable insight from Paul Morgan, of P & A Morgan Ltd, into the daily workings of a small independent Opticians based in the North of England. We wanted to discover how small practice owners creatively stand out from the crowd...


“A feature of an independent in less affluent areas,” says Paul, ” is that of course people want a consultative service but they don’t necessarily have the resources to pay for that kind of service. It’s why independent businesses in less well-to-do areas often struggle compared to other “footballer’s wives” areas.  In the North of England there are islands of affluence but you don’t have to travel very far to see that people are struggling.”

With people cutting their cloth accordingly, what can opticians like Paul’s do for their businesses to not just survive but to thrive?



Matt Rose Brittain Opticia

Matt, Brittain Opticians

Face for Business, a UK based Telephone Answering Service and Live Chat provider, supports Opticians in their day to day business by answering overflow calls and managing their client's live chat for them.  We appropached some of our clients in the Optician's sector to gather feedback and insight into how a support service, such as ours, can help independent practices.  Matt Rose spoke to us and gave his opinions and thoughts. 

"It sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it? A lot of people would think I’m barmy, but over the years we’re seeing fewer people but turnover has risen as they’re spending more.”

Says Matt Rose of Brittain Opticians in Birmingham.  The secret of Matt’s success?  It’s no secret at all - it’s all about customer service.

“Customers appreciate that they may have to pay more on the high street but they really respond to the kind of customer experience we give them. The service that you simply can’t get online. It’s our job to attract those sorts of appreciative people.”