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 New Year Phone New telephone answering service with Face for Business


Happy New Year! Can we help you solve a problem?  Take time out in January and have someone else man your phones whilst you prepare your plan - you might also discover just how much your phone calls are distracting you!

The first few weeks of January is an exciting time as you get back to work, look at the year ahead and start planning, but it can be a period of overwhelm too.  While it’s encouraging to have meetings in the diary, social media posts to schedule and networking events to attend, all of these things can take you away from your real work and of course, your phone.  This is where a call answering service could help make life easier and your days more productive.  At Face for Business we work with a wide range of companies, big and small, who like their calls to be answered by a human who understands what they do, rather than sending them to voicemail.

So, how does our telephone answering service work?

Full time or part time
It doesn’t matter whether you need a designated PA from 9am to 6pm or at specific times of the day, because we will have a solution that fits with your specific needs. Whichever option you choose, your virtual call answering assistant will be 100% up to speed with who you are and what you do and will be a part of your team, even if they aren’t sitting in your premises. Your messages will be sent to you immediately by email and/or text and to ensure you are happy with our service, calls are recorded so that you can listen to them at any time.

My PA has got to know my business inside and out and I have a great working relationship with her, and her team. Its great being able to put the divert on as and when needed. We can answer calls when we’re in the office, but if we’re on the other line, or are with a client or working on site, using Face for Business’ telephone answering service takes away the stress of worrying about missing new business. - Arena Air Conditioning

Added Assistance
For bigger companies who have a number of departments, we can organise multiple lines and for seamless communications. Your PA will be trained to offer varied responses to the different lines without any fuss or confusion for callers. You can make use of our service to ensure that all your calls are answered during the busier periods, therefore providing excellent customer service!

Otherwise Engaged
If you don’t want to miss business opportunities when you are on the phone, your Face for Business call answering PA will answer diverted calls and send you a message so you can follow up as soon as you are free.

Face for Business has been the best decision we have made and they have logged over 500 calls for us since we started using their service nearly 3 years ago. They have helped our business not only by taking the calls but in the professional way they are handled, giving our customers the information they need and comfort that their time to make a call hasn't been wasted - just leaving an answer machine message that might not get returned. - Evo Driver Training

Diary Management
As well as taking your calls and forwarding messages, your PA can make, change and delete meetings and events, so you can get on with the task in hand. We go the extra mile to ensure that we can offer you and your callers the best possible service.  

Out of Office
Another popular choice when it comes to using Face for Business is ad-hoc cover when staff are sick, on holiday or when you’re recruiting and don’t want the hassle of training a temp. For those days when you are under-staffed but still want your clients to receive a first-class service, we will be there so you don’t need to worry or miss out on potential opportunities.

Face for Business has been a huge asset to our business in ensuring calls are answered if no one is available at the office and keeping us up to date with messages left. - Webstream

For more details, complete a free trial form to express your interest or call us on 0333 323 1007 for an informal chat and discover how we can help you move forwards and make 2018 your best year yet! 


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