Robert Heaton

Image Credit: Moments of Bliss Photography.

Rob Heaton is Face For Business’ Technical Director, and has been instrumental in implementing the current system and portal we use. Rob knows everything there is to know about the system and is always on hand to provide assistance.

As he has been with us the since conception of the company, Rob is a fundamental part of the team and is constantly on hand to rectify any technical issues we may encounter, whether this is on the system or general IT enquiries.

Rob has always had a keen interest and flair for IT, as is proven in his background. From an early age, Rob was instrumental in providing his school with networking facilities.

Read more about Rob’s story in his own words…

“I got into IT back when I was five, learning how to program the Commodore 64 and I’ve never looked back. It was about this time that my school got their first computer, and as luck would have it, it was given to the class I was in. Within a few days, I was quickly showing the staff how to use it, and became THE person to ask!

This continued into secondary school and the year I started, Ormskirk Grammar had just had its first IT Suite installed. As they had no IT Technician on site, they allowed selected pupils to run the system for them. This is where I got my first taste for networks and knew this was what I wanted to do for a job.

From there I moved into 6th Form for A Levels (Including IT) and from there moved onto a college course in Advanced IT. Whilst I was on this course I was asked by a retired friend for help fixing some computers at a local special needs school. My friend had worked with computers for approximately 20 years and had recently sold his IT firm and retired. He was bored with retirement and wanted a new project, he saw my potential and we started North West Linux (link) together. This was initially run as a partnership, then became a limited company in October 2002.

Over the last 11 years we have undertaken and completed numerous large projects – the largest of which was a group of private secondary schools with numerous sites located throughout Lancashire, Merseyside and Cumbria. They had six sites and required a total of 18 different systems. This took a total of six months to complete from planning through to implementation, and we currently still support the schools.

The way in which I came to work for Face for Business was through my association with Branded Telecom, and the work I was doing for Andy MacGregor.   In consultation with another company we had a year or so developing the system, and tweaking it in order to ensure the Face for Business portal was a highly proficient platform – the system went live later that month.

I have recently started another venture ‘Stronghold Firewalls’ – Which offers a range of fully managed Firewalls, for the small to medium sized business. I realised that there was a gap in the market at this level, as no other solution I looked at was affordable. Anything that was reasonably priced, seemed to cut corners somewhere. Stronghold Firewalls was formed to fill this gap, and although we are in the initial stages the product is solid and is performing well at our test locations. I’m hoping to launch the product fully in early 2014”.