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I have worked for Face for Business for nearly three years now and I can honestly say that I love my job and love coming to work.  We have a great team that work as a team, which is really important to the role of a phone answering service PA.  I’m lead PA for clients from the driving school sector.  Whether they be an independent instructor or a driving school with many driving instructors on board, my role is to answer their calls.  As you can imagine, instructors are out on the road every day, sometimes from 8.00am in the morning right through to 8.00pm at night, so the chance of having time to answer their phone calls is quite slim.  That’s how I help! When my driving instructor clients are out on lessons with their pupils they simply pop their phone on divert and their calls all come to me. 


How I help driving instructors with new enquiries and time management 

I answer the calls in their business name ‘Good morning, Learn Drive UK, how can I help you?” I then, essentially, act as the driving school’s receptionist and take all details required from potential pupils.  However, if my driving instructor clients did not have a call answering service to assist them with their calls, in most cases the potential pupil would ring the next driving school on their list, and we can’t be having that!

As well as answering the calls for driving schools and instructors and relaying pricing information and postcodes covered, I also book appointments into my client’s diaries.  Whether these be one off lessons or multiple bookings, I have the knowledge and expertise to make these bookings on behalf of my clients.  This way I’ve captured all the details of the pupil as well as making the bookings and taking payments!  This saves driving instructors the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist.  However, when my driving instructors do have quiet periods of time, or are in their office (at home!) they can choose to answer their own calls. It’s a perfect fit for them!


Since using Face for Business I find the virtual office arrangement has been very beneficial to my business.  I run a very busy driving school, I was missing so many calls. But now thanks to Face for Business most, if not all calls, we receive are being answered.  Our dedicated PA, is a delight and we couldn't have selected a better person.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Face for Business.

Ensuring I give my driving instructor clients the best possible customer service

I really do love answering their calls and really finding out about their business as well as getting to know my clients so I can offer the best service possible!  I do this by looking at their websites and gathering the information and then speaking to my client before their free 7 day trial starts – this helps to offer a professional service that I know our clients deserve.

When I am taking their calls I don’t think of myself as a Virtual PA – I am THEIR PA so need to know the services they offer, so I can confidently answer any questions that may be asked.


I would recommend (and have already) Face For Business for their telephone answer service to any small business that cannot afford or have enough work for a full time paid PA. As a driving instructor I am out on the road all day and unable to answer my phone during lessons or whilst driving. Having Face for Business look after my telephone calls is a huge relief and help. Sharon, my dedicated PA, understands me and my business, how I work, and is able to talk to the clients, new and old about me and my service. She also books them in my diary for me. When a client calls me to book a lesson, if I am unable to answer the call, they will simply choose another school and I lose business and money. With Face for Business taking my calls, I never now miss a new client. I pay to have my website show first page on Google and this is wasted if I cannot answer the phone. Also, of course, my existing clients are spoken to and assured that I am out on lessons and an email is sent to me so I can call them at my earliest convenience. Thanks to Face for Business and Sharon - you are my life savers! – Independent Driving Instructor

I have a long customer service background before joining Face for Business.  I worked for a large telecommunications company for nearly 15 years. In this time I dealt with customers from the small to medium business sector and right up to the corporate customer.

In my spare time I love running and spending time with my family.

Would you like to trial our phone answering service for free?

If you are a driving instructor and would like Sharon to answer your calls for you and capture those new clients before they go to a competitor, give Face for Business a call today on 0333 323 1007 or leave your details here. Meanwhile, feel free to review our driving instructor case studies and testimonials.




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