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Face for Business as a call answering service is proud of our belief to be ‘open’ and ‘honest’, which is why we have just launched ‘vlogs’ for our customers - both existing and potential – to view. As we are a telephone answering service, we use a bespoke portal to capture all our client’s calls. This information is then saved and sent on to them, by whichever means they have chosen –text or email.

These ‘how to’ videos demonstrate how to use our client portal. One of our highly skilled PA’s talks through the screens, processes and functions. We believe this will assist our clients when they are reviewing their message on the portal – it will more than likely be out of hours, so we hope that our vlogs will help!

Face For Business wants to portray a more personal image, and more importantly give better customer communication, via updated and modern means of communication. Our phone answering service gives our client’s security that their calls are not being missed and we hope that the system we use will give them the confidence in our ability to deliver outstanding quality, service and values, when sending them their messages and transferring calls.

We recently wrote a blog on the future of video marketing, and are now taking the next step in our own video marketing strategy. In this modern age of digital marketing, and with video marketing becoming increasingly prevalent, we feel that we should innovate further and join in the millions of people now using ‘how to’ videos to exhibit a service.

Have a look at our demonstration videos for our telephone answering service, and see how committed we are to providing an excellent customer service.

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