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UK Outsourcing Strategy

Andy English, our General Manager at Face For Business, is really pleased with the recent acquisition of three customers in the last week, who have all decided to use Face For Business’ services, especially its dedicated UK PA strategy.   Andy commented that “these three customers have specifically come to Face For Business for our dedicated UK PA’s, and moving away from other call answering services which outsource call answering to other countries”. Andy further commented that he is “delighted that our UK strategy is being received well”.

Benefits of Outsourced Reception and Telephone Answering Services

Face For Business couldn’t be any more enthused by a recent article in The Telegraph, please click on link . The article discusses the benefits of using a call centres in the UK rather than outsourcing abroad. It stated that the main reasons for bringing opportunities back to the UK are:-

  • Good qualified talented people in the UK who are currently unemployed
  • That they should be focused on creating exceptional customer service back in the UK
  • To eradicate the ‘cultural disconnect’ when callers from India comment on the weather in Manchester
  • That it will create honesty and transparency
  • That it will give a unique edge in this highly competitive industry
  • The retention of staff is greater
  • To save costs, as it will no longer be necessary to send UK staff over to retrain foreign employees
  • That you can maintain a relationship with your staff rather than flying 4000 miles to see them

As Face For Business is a call handling and telephone answering service, based in the North West, we would encourage companies in our region, and indeed nationwide, to sign up to our service. If SME’s are finding that they are experiencing an influx of calls, they should consider Face For Business as we are able to provide an ‘overflow’ service for a call centre, as well as handle calls.

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Exceptional Customer Care at Face for Business

We will offer you a first-class customer service, as we have employed the right people in our PA/receptionist roles who undertook a rigorous interview and recruitment process. ‘Exceptional customer care’ is within our mission. We aim 'to become the UK’s best virtual PA/Receptionist provider by going the extra mile for our customers and delivering outstanding quality, service and value'.

We can provide the service that UK SME’s require. And in-keeping with the new UK initiative ‘Small Business Saturday’, we would also encourage businesses to help us grow, as we are also an ‘SME’.

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