Face for Business


How do you decide on your company name? Do you use your surname? Another name that’s personal to you? Or do you brainstorm ideas relating to the nature of your business? It’s obvious to see where some company names come from, but not so for others.

While a clever and witty name can impress the type of clientele you’re trying to attract, a name that bares no relation to your business can leave potential clients wondering. Although you can change your company name, it’s not really giving the best impression.

Think about a good company name you like. Why do you like it? What makes it stick in your mind? It is relevant to the business it’s representing? If not, is that why it’s such a good choice?



Did you know the story behind the ‘Caterpillar’ range of machinery? In 1904, on Thanksgiving Day, the Holt Tractor Company was photographing its new earth-moving steam tractor. According to Benjamin Holt’s biography, a photographer saw how the tractor “crawled like a caterpillar.” Overhearing this, Holt overheard the comment and exclaimed, “Caterpillar it is. That’s the name for it!” In 1910, Holt officially trademarked the new name for his construction equipment manufacturing company, Caterpillar. (Source: Inc.com)

CATerpillar Logo3

Our Name

So, how did we come up with our name ‘Face For Business’?

FFB Logo

Initially, Face For Business was going to be called ‘Tratini’…. What does Tratini mean? Well, nothing! It was a name that the owners of the firm thought was catchy and trendy and although it didn’t relate to the nature of the company, it was a name that they thought would catch on. However, after an initial bout of market research relating to the name, it was decided that it sounded too much like the name of an Italian restaurant! So, back to the drawing board.

Face For Business was created from the notion that, as its main business is that of a telephone answering and call handling service, it would be ‘our face’ for your business – Face For Business is representing you and your company.

And ‘Face For Business’ works.