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Aware Driving School

Aware Driving Academy has a significant number of accreditations to their name, which proves that they are very much 'aware' of the need for effective training!  Aware Driving Academy's website is an excellent example of how to promote your company's service.

They use customer reviews, are transparent with their pricing, present the services in an easy to navigate section, have a 'did you know' section relating to legal requirements on the road and also have their own blog section, which they use occasionally to update pupils about test bookings and other similar topics. In addition, they are up to speed with social media and have links to their Facebook page and even have their own You Tube channel - a clever add on to complement his services. 

Aware Driving Academy also provide instructions on how to drive with trailers and provide extra tuition with regard to motorway driving.  They offer a Pass Plus course for driving in rural areas or difficult town centre driving and they can also help you with your theory test.  All this information is clearly presented on their website <http://www.awaredrivingacademy.com>.


aware car trailer


Like Aware Driving Academy, Face For Business aims to have a clear and concise website.  We have consulted with web designers and SEO specialists to ensure that our website is useable and easy to navigate. And like Aware Driving Academy we are transparent and present our information in a concise manner.  Aware Driving Academy is another of our loyal clients, and have been with us since conception of our company. Their dedicated virtual receptionist has a great working relationship with the instructors at the academy, and is fully familiar with the nature of the calls, information required to take an accurate message and is aware of the clientele they will be taking messages from.  These factors make for an effective receptionist and an efficient message.

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