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Answering our most common questions about Live Chat

Answering our most common questions about Live Chat

Nearly eight in 10 business owners say that implementing Live Chat on their company’s website resulted in increased customer loyalty, sales and revenue, and nearly four in 10 customers say they’re more likely to buy on a website that has live chat support.

Installing managed Live Chat on your website is a great way to engage with website visitors at the exact time they’re browsing your products and services. Rather than have them clicking around your site trying to find the information they need (and risk losing them if they can’t find what they want) a managed Live Chat service gives you the chance to talk with them directly, ask questions and provide answers immediately – or at least point customers in the right direction.

At Face For Business we manage Live Chat services for hundreds of clients of all sizes across all kinds of industries from solicitors and estate agents, to dentists and opticians. Our Live Chat assistants respond to your customers just as you would if you were talking to the customer yourself, using a simple outsourced Live Chat system that can either sit in the background and wait for the customer to use it, or open proactively.

In this blog, Abbi runs through the most common questions we get asked about our Outsourced Live Chat services to give you all the information you need.

How does Face For Business’ Live Chat work?

Setting up your live chat is a simple process. We start by installing a piece of code onto your website which automatically puts the Live Chat function on your website pages. As part of the process you can decide whether you want the chat function on every page or just some pages – like your homepage, main service pages or pricing page.

If you don’t know how to install the code and don’t have a developer to help, we can do it for you.

You can also decide whether you’d like your live chat to sit in the background and wait for the user to engage, or whether you’d like the chat box to open automatically to prompt a website visitor to use it.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, it’s totally up to your own preference.

If you want the chat box to open automatically, we can help you set when the box will open. For example, do you want it to open as soon as your page loads? Perhaps you want a delay until the user scrolls to a certain point on the page?

Or you could wait until it looks like the user is about to exit your website to get them to stay.

Again, there’s no right or wrong approach, it’s your choice.

We can offer recommendations on the best way to use your live chat service based on our experience if you’d like us to.

How will your PAs know what to say when a visitor uses the Live Chat?

Great question. As part of your onboarding our PAs who will run your Live Chat will take time to get to know your business and learn everything they need to, from your main products and services, prices and opening times (among other things) so they can quickly, confidently and accurately respond to enquiries just as you would.

This isn’t just a quick run through, our PAs will deep dive into your business so they understand the details and nuances of what you do and how you do it so we can answer questions exactly as your team would.

Over time, as we deal with more enquiries, we’ll add to our FAQs and knowledge base of your company so we can continue to accurately respond to any questions users might have when they come to your site.

You can also set actions our PAs should take depending on the enquiry, and we’ll always get the user’s information.

How much does managed Live Chat cost?

The tariff you’ll use for your Live Chat services depends on the number of interactions your Face For Business PA deals with in a given month. The more interactions we have with your customers over Live Chat, the more you’ll pay.

This means you only ever pay for the time we spend talking to your customers and we always optimise your bill every month to make sure you’re on the most cost-effective tariff for your needs – this means you avoid any extra charges etc.

We also remove sales or nuisance interactions from your bill so, again, you’re only paying for the conversations that matter to your business.

How do I see the chat history?

Every chat and interaction we manage with your customers on your website will be automatically forwarded to you, or the most relevant person, automatically so you can review the entire chat, see how it’s been dealt with and respond with any follow ups you may have directly with the customer.

If there’s anything you’re not happy with, just tell us and we’ll change it immediately.

Can I try Face For Business’ Live Chat service before I buy?


We offer a no obligation 7-day free trial of our outsourced Live Chat so you can see exactly how it works, what the benefits for, and make an informed decision about whether it’s something that will benefit you.

We’ll install the Live Chat on your website and do the same research about your business that we’d do with a paying client so you experience the full benefits of our Live Chat during your trial.

After the trial, if you decide to stay with us we’ll work with you to put you on the most cost-effective tariff based on the number of interactions we’ve dealt with.

If you decide the service isn’t for you we can go our separate ways.

Start your free Managed Live Chat trial with Face For Business today

By signing up to a free trial of our Live Chat services you can understand first hand the value having this resource on your website can have and make a fully informed decision about whether the service is right for you, and that we’re the right partner to bring on.
Give our team a call on 0333 323 1007 today to get started or just fill out the form (on the right) and we’ll get back to talk about your quote and setting up your trial.

04th January, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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