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Answering service for directors: Worth it or not? 

Answering service for directors: Worth it or not? 

An answering service for directors can be a valuable tool in not only providing more time to be productive and focus on projects and growing a business, but doing so in a much more cost effective way than hiring a full-time (or even a part-time) receptionist.

What Exactly Can a Director Answering Service Do for You?

Call Answering

The primary function of an answering service for directors is to provide an answering service and ensure all inbound calls are dealt with promptly and professionally. Having callers greeted by a friendly, human voice can provide a more reassuring level of service compared to using an answering machine or automated system.

Accurate Message Taking

Chances are, as a company director, you are often dealing with issues that require you to have accurate information in order to deal with enquiries or requests. This makes an answering service for directors invaluable because it ensures you always get accurate and timely messages when you’re unable to answer a call yourself.

This way you’re able to understand the context of the call and be prepared when you return it later.

Call Forwarding

Mishaps in call forwarding, especially when performed by employees not primarily tasked with call handling, can frustrate customers. A director answering service can prevent these issues by consistently directing calls to the most appropriate person.

Blocking Sales and Nuisance Calls

Your time is precious and the last thing you need is unsolicited sales calls and other types of nuisance calls taking up your day. An answering service for directors can get in between you and these unwanted callers so they can’t bother you.

Plus, your answering service for directors can request you be removed from these types of sales lists so you get fewer calls in the future.

Benefits of an answering service for directors

A more professional image

Chances are, as a director you’re dealing with people towards the top of organisations who likely don’t like the idea of being sent to voicemail. Using an answering service for directors creates a more professional persona and ensures all callers are met with a friendly voice.

More efficient call handling

You’ve got more important things to do than think about managing calls when you’re in meetings, completing proposals or working on projects.

An answering service for directors takes all the management hassle off your hands and creates a more efficient call handling system that makes sure all your calls are answered and any messages taken are timely and accurate.


There is absolutely a place for the ‘traditional’ receptionist in a fixed office, but you do have to consider the costs involved with hiring one person to handle one call at a time (particularly if you use some form of remote work in your company).

It can be a much more cost-effective solution to use an answering service for directors and get a higher level of call answering service for a much lower cost.

Get effective after-hours support

Even you need to clock off eventually, but that doesn’t mean the calls will stop coming.

Using an answering service for directors allows your phone to continue being answered outside of your regular hours with callers still greeted by a real person.

At Face For Business our answering service for directors offers call answering (including out-of-hours) from:

8-8 weekdays

9-5:30 Saturday

10-4 Sunday

Answering service for directors vs traditional receptionists

More scalable answering services

Unlike employing staff you have the flexibility to scale an answering service for directors in line with how much support you need. If you’re going through a busy period you can add more resource to your monthly tariff.

If the number of calls you’re getting reduces, then you can reduce the level of support you need, and how much you pay.

You can’t do this when hiring staff because you have the fixed cost of a salary, plus all the other costs like holiday and sick pay plus insurance taxes etc

More call answering support for the same costs

Here’s the other issue with hiring one member of staff, it’s that one member of staff can only answer one call at a time.

An answering service for directors involves a lead PA (who is your main point of contact) along with a team of PAs – typically between 3-5 – who can cover for each other when one is already on a call.

This means you can get three to five times as much call answering cover for a fraction of the price.

Could an answering service for directors be valuable to you?

There are unquestionably many benefits to investing in an answering service for directors, but we get that you won’t want to commit until you’re completely sure.

That’s why we offer a 7-day free trial of our answering service for directors with absolutely no obligation on your part to continue afterwards.

We’ll onboard you into our system and create a detailed knowledge bank of everything our PAs need to know in order to answer your calls effectively, and then you’ll have us covering your phones for the week.

If you’re not convinced by the end of the 7-days, then we can go our separate ways – no hard feelings.

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19th February, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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