GEW UK 2015

Face for Business (a UK call handling service) will, for the third time, become involved in Global Entrepreneurship Week’s international campaign. And, with this year’s theme being ‘Make It Happen’ we couldn’t more excited to help entrepreneurs find the information they may be looking for.

Start-Up Signpost

We’re going to prepare and distribute a ‘Start-up Signpost’ document, which will be information directing aspiring entrepreneurs to organisations and initiatives that can help kick-start their career.
Whether they are looking for guidance, funding, marketing advice, website development or mentoring services, we want to be able to provide entrepreneurs with a free sign-post service. We will do the research and provide a seven point sign-post to those service that we hope will help!

Telephone answering service for entrepreneurs

Face for Business provides telephone answering services to many entrepreneurs and we’re keen to let others know how our call handling can help them. The majority of entrepreneurs are away from their office/home meeting prospective clients, or are on the phone with their customers. The entrepreneurs that use our service at the moment, do so to give an excellent first impression, and more importantly they have our PAs answer their calls so they don’t lose any new business…


Spark Up Programme for entrepreneurs

Global Entrepreneurship Week is ‘the largest celebration of innovators and job creators who launch start-ups that bring ideas to life’. Face for Business has been involved in similar projects in our area, most notably with Spark Up, which is a Liverpool based initiative that enables entrepreneurs to get their idea off the ground. We interviewed a couple of their business enables recently, and the programme really would be of benefit to any entrepreneur out there. Although this programme is run in Liverpool, there are a number of similar programmes up and down the country.

We would love to be able to help you make it happen, by sign-posting you towards your start-up journey!

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