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20 June, 2024

Wait. There are different types of answering service? Which to choose?

I know what you’re thinking. ‘All I wanted was some help answering calls and now I’m confused about the difference between outsourced phone answering, call centres, IVRs, switchboards, VAs and...

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18 June, 2024

Can managed live chat increase your online sales conversions?

If you own a brick and mortar store (let’s say like a car dealership or retail store as examples) and a potential customer walks through the door, do you ignore...

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17 June, 2024

Benefits of managed live chat for customer engagement

“The focus of engagement is often to build a deeper, more meaningful relationship. This relationship creates a sense of loyalty and trust, which is essential for business growth.” – Bryan...

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10 June, 2024

Chatbot vs managed live chat: Is there a difference?

Did you know, businesses that use live chat have a 40% higher conversion rate on average compared to websites that don’t use it? Imagine what it would do to your...

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6 June, 2024

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) vs Outsourced Phone Answering Services

If you’re scrambling to answer calls or finding your business is struggling to manage messages or getting callers to the right person or department to deal with their enquiry, then...

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13 April, 2024

Complete guide to hiring a virtual receptionist

New technology has offered an array of communication tools for businesses to use, from social media, to direct messaging to live chats on websites. But all too often, they underestimate...

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1 April, 2024

Research: The problem of phone anxiety in the workplace

This report has been updated using new original research carried out in March 2024 using a sample of 2,000 office workers. Have you ever needed to make a phone call...

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8 March, 2024

How small businesses can use customer service to improve marketing results

Winning new business can be difficult for small businesses, especially those with limited marketing budgets or those entering saturated markets. Which means they need all the help they can get...

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4 March, 2024

How customer service can boost your legal firm’s marketing

Trust and relationships play a big part in choosing a solicitor. When clients are trusting you with serious legal matters, great customer service can provide reassurance and make sometimes stressful...

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1 March, 2024

How accountants can use customer service as an effective marketing tactic

It’s not easy to find a good accountant and finding someone you can trust to make the process of annual returns and other tax issues easy is like gold dust...

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28 February, 2024

Why you should think about outsourcing for your business

Outsourcing can be a great tactic to help accelerate growth and quickly bring in expertise for a specific function that would otherwise take a long-time, and cost a lot of...

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26 February, 2024

Inbound Call Answering Services: What? Why? Worth It?

Inbound call answering services can still play an important role in customer service despite customers having the use of emails, texts and live chat bots. Given that the majority of...

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