Face for Business has been all quiet on the blogging front this past couple months due to a surge in new business and all hands being called to the call answering deck! This has been a fantastic start to the new financial year, but we’re keen to get back to our weekly blogs.


Benefits of blogging

Blogging is excellent for SEO and profile raising, and done the right way, can increase traffic to your website.  We maintain an active presence out on the World Wide Web, and regularly circulate our blogs on social media.  However, when we’re not as active, visits to our website decrease and our search engine optimisation is reduced.  We know this as we actively and regularly monitor our input, via Google Analytics and Ruler Analytics.  As well as proving that our blogging is working, it also helps us to identify which blogs topics work better for our audience.

How to maintain your blog

So, how do we maintain our blogs?  Well, for one we prepare a monthly blog calendar.  This is agreed by the MD, and is used alongside our current marketing campaigns, which are presently Estate and Letting Agents and Driving Schools.  We try to mix up the topics, incorporating customer service objectives, producing relevant informative blogs and giving a general overview of Face for Business in general.


How many blogs per week?

If you review blogging blogs (ha-ha!) you will see that they recommend at least one blog per week, if not three to four. Once you have composed the blog, chosen an appropriate image, uploaded and optimised it for search, as well as adding your codes, you need to be ready to circulate it. After all, what’s the use in having a blog, if you’re not going to direct people to read it?!

We circulate our blogs in a variety of ways:-

  • We press the blog straight away and alert our social media followers to the new post, as well as tagging in appropriate businesses and accounts.
  • We also join the daily hashtag hours, which are virtual networking hours. There is an extensive list of hours available now, so we can join any relevant hour, and put our blog in front of our target audience – works for profile raising too. (See our guidelines to hashtag hours here).
  • As well as using social media, we circulate our blogs via our newsletters. Our newsletters are sent to both our existing clients and sales prospects.

All in all, the key thing to maintaining your blogs visibility, is to ensure your blog is visible!

Happy blogging!

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