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Benefits of managed live chat for customer engagement

Benefits of managed live chat for customer engagement

“The focus of engagement is often to build a deeper, more meaningful relationship. This relationship creates a sense of loyalty and trust, which is essential for business growth.”

– Bryan Pearson

So much of “customer engagement” today is focused on engaging with customers online.

Social media is the obvious place for online customer engagement, but the best place to engage with customers online is on your own website.

Engaging with customers on your website is a great way to get yourself in front of people at the exact time they’re interested in – or at least browsing – your products and services.

Managed Live Chat is arguably the best way to engage with website visitors.

Unlike chat bots, managed live chat has real people behind the scenes, engaging with visitors on an individual basis and can answer specific questions and move people towards a sale.

These are the benefits of using managed live chat for improving customer engagement online.

But first let’s look at why it’s important.

The importance of engaging with customers on your website

Work to retain more customers

It makes sense that engaged customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand and, according to the research, loyal customers are more likely to become repeat buyers.

These engaged customers can buy 90% more and spend 60% more per purchase, according to Rosetta Consulting.

Earn more money from bigger sales

Companies that prioritise customer engagement are said to report a nearly 25% increase in sales, according to NotifyVisitors.

Again, this makes sense that customers who are actively engaged with when on a website are more likely to convert because they get answers and information quicker.

Build more brand loyalty and earn more trust

It’s not just theory that customer engagement leads to better commercial results. It’s something that’s said by customers themselves.

Nearly two thirds of customers say they’re more likely to be loyal to a brand that engages with them.

This doesn’t start and stop with using managed live chat (there’s more to customer engagement than using live chat on a website).

But using managed live chat is a part of customer engagement online and is something that should at least be considered.

Give yourself a competitive advantage

With most businesses now selling much the same products or services as their competitors, it leaves an opportunity to find new differentiators.

And 81% of business owners now say that the customer experience is the competitive advantage they’re looking for.

When asking why, it could be that more engaged customers can bring in 51% more revenue compared to companies with disengaged customers.

So what are the benefits of managed live chat?

Give customers support in real time

The main benefit of managed live chat is that you can provide quick – even immediate – responses to customers on your website.

Unlike chatbots (which are automated) managed live chat has real people behind the scenes who can answer specific questions to customers so they get what they need quicker.

Make your website more personal

‘Personalisation’ is a buzzword in business but it is an important part of growth and customer satisfaction.

Managed live chat can improve this personalisation because users can ask questions specific to what they’re looking for and get those answers quicker than if they were forced to browse the website themselves.

Offering these faster responses and answering personal queries can not only give customers faster answers, but can also help move people towards a purchase.

Increase your availability

Websites are 24/7 sales and marketing tools.

Managed live chat is an added bonus because you can continue to answer questions and make sales beyond the usual 9-5 using your outsourced provider.

Having these resource available out-of-hours (including weekends) can increase your chances of building more loyal customers and improve your sales.

Help your team be more productive

One reason you should consider a managed live chat is that it frees your team up to focus on their own work and in-person customers, rather than dealing with the website.

Rather than having members of your team sitting by a computer talking to customers, your outsourced service can talk to customers online while you and your team have more time for your business.

Could live chat improve your online customer experience

Managed live chat is a great tool to turn a static website into a proactive sales and marketing tool or digital helpdesk that can engage with customers and actively provide them with information or move them towards a sale.

If you want more information about the benefits of managed live chat and how it could help, fill in the form on the right or click here

17th June, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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