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What are the main benefits of outsourcing?

What are the main benefits of outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a popular strategy (about seven in 10 businesses do it) for those looking to benefit from certain expertise without dedicating the time or money to build inhouse teams.

By outsourcing skills and expertise businesses are able to more cost effectively lean on specialisms for a project without the long-term implications that come with building and training teams.

So what exactly are the main benefits of outsourcing?

  1. You can focus on you

You might be an expert in selling homes or areas of the law, but maybe not so much when it comes to accounting, marketing or maybe even customer service.

Outsourcing areas outside of your core competencies (this is usually best kept in-house) will give you more time to focus on those competencies and your core responsibilities, ensuring you deliver better results and helping to grow your business.

  1. Outsourcing can be more cost effective

Maybe you’ve tried to outsource parts of your business, like marketing, in the past and been faced with a £3,000 a month retainer fee.

‘That’s a lot,’ you might think.

But that fee is giving you access to a complete marketing team with expertise in different areas of marketing.

To pay that same fee for a member of staff would only get you one person in-house (at most) and they wouldn’t necessarily have the same level of expertise over the entire marketing sphere.

Similarly, you might think about hiring a receptionist to answer your phones. But then you’re looking at around £30,000 a year for an experienced receptionist, plus other costs like benefits, tax and insurance.

If you pay less you’ll spend more time training them.

By comparison, our most popular call answering package starts at around £200 a month (which we don’t have to say is a significant saving)

  1. Instant access to high levels of expertise

There may be certain functions in your business that need specialist skills that you don’t have in-house, or don’t have need for a full-time or permanent resource.

Outsourcing gives you instant access to a wide range of skills across all kinds of business functions that you can tap into when you need them.

It also doesn’t tie you into long contracts as you can arrange short-term deals with outsourced providers to fill your needs at a given time.

  1. Reduce risk

It’s not just the current expertise you get access to when you outsource parts of your business.

Outsourced providers usually are more on top of the key trends and technology changes in their particular industries that you can tap into.

Trying to do this in-house would cost you significantly more in time and money.

Improve your business prospects with effective outsourcing

By outsourcing strategically your business can get the benefits of outsourcing and create a platform for better growth, products and services and customer service.

You can find more useful information about outsourcing, including how to outsource effectively and which parts of your business could be best suited to outsourcing in our blog.

If you think outsourced telephone answering could work in your business you can call us on 0333 323 1007 to get a free quote and even arrange to try us out for free for 7 days.

07th February, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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