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4 August, 2022

Phone anxiety in the legal sector: What’s causing employees to avoid phone calls?

Working in the legal industry requires communicating with numerous people on a daily basis, whether it’s clients, colleagues, third parties, you often have to handle requests and other enquiries, often...

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8 July, 2022

Why phone anxiety is a real problem in the health sector

Phone anxiety is a fear of dealing with phone calls. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘telephobia’ and can manifest itself in a number of ways. For employees who are responsible...

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8 July, 2022

Phone anxiety in the construction industry: Why are employees scared to pick up the phone

When dealing with phone calls you want staff who are confident and capable of helping customers with enquires, and who can prevent issues from escalating when the situation calls for...

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8 July, 2022

Phone anxiety in business: Are fears of phone calls holding businesses back?

Have you ever needed to make a phone call at work, and feel your heart start to beat faster in your chest, or you suddenly feel warm and clammy? When...

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19 September, 2019

What is the Purpose of an Answering Service?

The purpose of an answering service is to handle calls on a business’ behalf, whether that be during busy times or in lieu of hiring additional staff. For larger companies,...

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26 April, 2019

Phone Anxiety Affects Over Half of UK Office Workers

The results of a survey of UK office workers suggests that we are becoming increasingly anxious about answering the phone at work. Press release Face for Business, one of the...

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