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Chatbot vs managed live chat: Is there a difference?

Chatbot vs managed live chat: Is there a difference?

Did you know, businesses that use live chat have a 40% higher conversion rate on average compared to websites that don’t use it?

Imagine what it would do to your bottom line to convert an extra four in 10 visitors into paying customers.

So the benefits are clear.

What’s less clear for some business owners, is exactly what live chat (managed live chat) is, especially when it’s often used interchangeably with chatbot.

On the face of it, it’s easy to see why it’s a bit confusing.

Both are popup windows on your website that engage with users to either try and get them to convert, or at least get them in front of the right information quickly.

There is a difference though, and a pretty big difference, so knowing which is which, and which is best for you is worth knowing.

What do we mean by ‘managed live chat’?

Managed live chat works the same as a chatbot, except there are real people behind the scenes responding to the queries website visitors have. It’s essentially the same as having a conversation on the phone, except the “caller” is on your website asking questions through your live chat window.

Isn’t that what a chatbot does?…

Not exactly.

A chatbot is an automated (increasingly using AI) tool that can only respond with pre-programmed responses based on what the user asks.

You’ve probably used these before when the window pops open and you’re presented with a few predefined options:

As you click through the options…

You’re presented with new directions to try and answer your query (sometimes ending in “do you want to talk to a real person” if you’ve not been able to find what you’re looking for).

This can be good for some businesses, but can also present some problems in that it makes some assumptions that:

  • You’ve pre-empted what the user will want to know and have included an option
  • The user has some knowledge about you and knows what they’re looking for

With managed live chat, you can skip the automated bit, and jump straight to talking directly with your customers human-to-human and start to answer their questions.

Why would managed live chat be better for your business?

Good question, and it might be that – if you’ve got a relatively limited number of options you want users to have – that a chatbot could be a better option.

But if you want the human, more personal touch, here’s where managed live chat is better:

  1. You’ll make your customers happier

Despite all the digital technology we’ve got, people still prefer to talk to people when they’re contacting a business and need help.

Nearly 80% of customers say they prefer live chat on a website because it’s quicker to get answers.

  1. You’ll convert more customers

Ok we’re cheating a bit here because we’ve already mentioned this, but live chat can help you increase your website conversions by up to 40%.

The reason is that you’re able to actively engage with every visitor and effectively turn your static website into a proactive sales tool.

  1. You can help customers better

Because you have real people behind your managed live chat, it’s easier to help customers because you can respond to their individual queries straight away, rather than expecting them to do the heavy lifting.

Live chat agents can ask more probing questions to get to the bottom of a problem based on what the user is telling them, so it’ll be easier to work out what the user wants, and give it to them.

  1. You can get more loyal customers

Nearly half of UK customers say they’re more likely to be loyal to a company that offers better customer service. So you can improve the chances of repeat buyers and winning more business from referrals.

Change your website from a static observer to a proactive sales and marketing tool

Think of how much your business spends on marketing with the specific aim of getting more eyes on your website.

But when people come to your site, are you then making the best of them?

By using managed live chat and putting real people behind the scenes to proactively engage with users you can turn your website from a static brochure into a proactive sales and marketing tool that can help you win more business and create a bigger pool of happy, loyal customers.

We’ll even let you trial our managed live chat service completely free so you can see what it’s all about.

What have you got to lose by trying it out?

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10th June, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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