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Answering your most common phone answering service questions

Answering your most common phone answering service questions

Around 59% of customers still prefer to call a business on the phone because they think it’ll result in them getting answers quicker than using channels like email or Live Chat.

Using a professional phone answering service for your business is a great way to ensure all callers are dealt with in a friendly and professional manner and that every call is answered, while giving you and your team more time to focus on your core jobs and growing your business.

At Face For Business we provide phone answering services for hundreds of clients across all kinds of industries. From small businesses, to estate agents and solicitors to dentists and opticians.

And while every business and industry is different, customers often have the same questions when it comes to phone answering and how outsourcing the service can help.

So, in this quick Q&A, we sat down with one of our Face For Business PAs Karen to answer your most common questions about our phone answering service.

How does Face For Business’ phone answering work?

Our phone answering always starts by getting to know our clients’ business, what their products and services are, who calls should be directed to, how calls should be handled and any specific information we might need in order to assist callers in the best way.

This research is really important for us to deliver phone answering for clients in the same way someone working in their office would.

The actual process of handling the calls is simple. When a call comes through we get the information about the company on the screen through our portal so we know which company we’re helping as well as any information about the caller.

This way we can be confident in the way we answer calls and can help the caller in the best way.

Because we’ve spent the time to do our research we know how to deal with most calls, whether that’s just taking a message and sending it to the right person, transferring callers to the most appropriate team member or even dealing with some basic enquiries ourselves.

How do PAs know how to handle a call?

Again this is all worked out during our research with our customers.

We spend a lot of time understanding the business, products and services as well as working with them to understand the best person to transfer different types of calls to.

For example transferring calls about a particular service or issue to the right team so it can be handled quickly. This also saves customers time because they know only relevant calls are getting through to them.

Everything we need to know about information to give to callers, or how certain types of calls should be handled is available to us via our portal when the call is transferred so we always know what we should do to make the call as friendly and professional as possible.

As part of our service we give customers access to the full recording of every call we deal with for them to listen back to when they can. If they ever want us to change anything about what we say to customers or how we deal with certain calls we can make those changes quickly – so the service is always improving over time.

How much does an outsourced phone answering service cost?

We have different packages and tariffs based on what our customers need.

These can just be message only tariffs or include a range of inclusive minutes through to fully outsourced reception services for businesses with multiple lines or more complex call management needs.

A typical tariff is around £95 to £200 and we have a number of clients who fall into that category.

We also try to keep costs down for customers so we don’t charge for things like sales or nuisance calls, or for transferring calls and we don’t charge extra for dealing with calls out-of-hours like in the evenings or at the weekend.

So customers have a flat rate and know what they’ll pay. We also put clients on the most appropriate tariff based on their monthly usage. This means they always pay the most cost effective tariff.

How do I manage my account and listen to calls?

Customers have a number of options for how they can manage their account or listen to call recordings.

Every customer has access to a web portal and a mobile app where they can listen to their call recordings and manage their phone answering tariffs.

Plus our team is always available to answer any questions a customer might have about their package.

Can I try Face For Business’ phone answering service before I buy?


Every phone answering service customer is offered a 7-day free trial of our service that’s provided with no obligation to continue at the end.

During the trial customers can get a better idea of how our phone answering service works and if it’s a good fit for their business.

We do all the same onboarding that we’d do with a customer and go through the same research so those on the trial get the same level of service as our existing customers.

After the trial, if you decide to stay on with our phone answering service we’ll work out with you which is the most cost-effective tariff to start on based on your usage during the trial.

If you decide the service isn’t for you, then we can go our separate ways.

Start your free outsourced phone answering trial with Face For Business today

Signing up for a free trial of our outsourced phone answering service is the best way to experience the value it can have for your business so you can make a fully informed decision about whether it’s right for you.

Call us on 0333 323 1007 to talk to us or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you to answer any questions you might have.

19th January, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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