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Customer service benefits of outsourcing your telephone answering

Customer service benefits of outsourcing your telephone answering

Dealing with customers over the phone can be a time consuming job when it’s not part of your main responsibilities. You’re trying to get projects over the line and are constantly being pulled away to pick up the phone.

However answering customer calls is a key part of customer service and it’s not something you can let slip unless you want a reputation for being unreliable or for delivering poor service.

In this 2nd part of our benefits of outsourcing your telephone answering series we’re going to look at the customer service benefits of outsourcing your call handling.

You can read more about the financial benefits of telephone answering in our blog.

But here we’re focusing on the customer service benefits.

1. Be available for longer

Unless you or your team are planning on working 12+ hour days consistently, you’ll struggle to deal with phone calls out of hours. And this is a problem because you’ll miss out on opportunities from those customers who can’t call during the normal 9-5 (usually because they’re working too).

Outsourcing your call handling can extend the amount of time you can deal with customer calls, without you and your team being available after you’ve finished for the day – or before you’ve started.

This is important because even considering out-of-hours, 90% of customers expect an immediate response when they have a question about a service, so having your calls covered for longer increases the chance of you delivering this.

2. A more professional experience

Outsourced call answering gives you immediate access to a professional team of PAs who are available to answer your calls and manage call transfers and messages as required.

Having this resource can professionalise your call answering function because every call will be answered professionally and efficiently, with all enquiries dealt with in the same way.

4. Scalable customer service

One of the issues that can arise with customer service is when you’re going through a period of growth or experiencing a short-time increase in demand.

These times can put strain on your existing customer service and result in drops in service.

By outsourcing your customer service you can easily, and cost-effectively, scale your customer service resources to match your requirements (so you always deliver a consistently high service) without the investments needed that come with hiring staff.

5. Reduced wait times

Long wait times are annoying for customers when they’re on the phone (especially when they’re left listening to screeching hold music).

An outsourced call answering service can reduce customer wait times by always answering calls quickly and either directing the caller to the right person, take a message to be dealt with later or even deal with basic enquiries directly.

This greatly reduces the amount of time customers have to wait to have a call resolved and gives you a more reliable and efficient customer service function.

6. Create consistent call management

If you’re working in an office you’ll know that employees don’t always answer calls or take messages in the same way. Often they’ll not even get all the relevant information you need because they’re just trying to get the caller off the phone and get back on with your jobs.

By outsourcing your call answering you can create a more consistent call handling function that ensures all calls are answered and dealt with in the same way to create a better experience for the customer.

It can also help with returning calls because our PAs will take all the necessary details you need to properly return the call and save the customer needing to repeat themselves.

Improve your customer service with outsourced call answering

Outsourcing your telephone answering can help you improve your customer service while helping to keep costs and admin time low.

By using an outsourced call answering service to professionalise your customer service on the phone and online you can create a more consistent, and enjoyable customer experience that can reap rewards for your business long into the future.

If you want to find out how our outsourced customer service can help you, call us on 0333 323 1007 or complete the form and one of our team will be in touch.

We can talk through the challenges you’re hoping to solve and give you a free quote based on your needs as well as offer you a 7-day free trial of our call answering, outsourced switchboard and live chat service.

17th January, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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