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Digital Receptionist: What are they and are they worth it?

Digital Receptionist: What are they and are they worth it?

If your business is struggling to answer or manage inbound calls you always have the option to hire a receptionist – either full-time or part-time. But this comes with a lot of costs and administration.

It also doesn’t fix your problem because receptionists can only deal with one call at a time. And when they leave their desk for lunch or a break, you’ve lost your call answering resource.

Digital receptionists and telephone answering services have become a more viable alternative to hiring a receptionist.

But if you’re still not completely clear about what a digital receptionist is and if they’re worth the investment, this is for you.

Defining a ‘digital receptionist’

A digital receptionist works a lot like a regular receptionist. They answer calls, take messages, forward calls and can help with other tasks like appointment booking and live chat.

The only difference is they work outside of the business – much like a telephone answering service or virtual receptionist – compared to a regular receptionist who works out of their company’s office.

How does a digital receptionist work?

As we’ve mentioned, digital receptionists work just as a regular receptionist except they work outside of the business they answer calls for.

Digital receptionists are a great mix of personality and technology and represent a business with a friendly and professional tone, while helping to improve how calls are managed.

As well as handling and managing calls and messages, a digital receptionist will help with tasks like online appointment booking and can also provide a fully managed live chat service on a clients website.

They also provide more benefits like lead qualification for sales teams.

Why use a digital receptionist?

Extend call answering hours

As part of their service, a digital receptionist can extend your business’ call answering beyond your usual 9-5 hours.

At Face For Business for example we operate our call answering between 8-8 Mon-Fri, 9-5:30 Sat and 10-4 Sun.

This means customers can continue to call your business and speak to a real person after you and your team have clocked off for the day.

More cost-effective than hiring

A digital receptionist is much more cost effective than hiring staff, because you only pay for the service you’ve paid for and costs are fixed and predictable.

Hiring staff not only involves a salary but also tax, insurance, holiday pay, sick pay and other costs and associated admin.

Better customer service

Let’s be honest, your team is great at their jobs, but if they’re main job isn’t answering the phone or customer service you can’t always be sure calls are being dealt with properly.

Because digital receptionists can focus on answering your calls and speaking to customers, you’ll get a more consistent and professional level of customer service that will improve your reputation. 

More efficient call management

Unlike in-house receptionists, a digital receptionist can handle multiple calls at once because these telephone answering services involve a lead PA with a team working to cover each other whenever calls come in.

This means that when one PA is already on a call, another of your digital receptionists can jump in. 

Improve customer service with a digital receptionist

A digital receptionist can be a great investment that can help you stop missing calls and create better customer service in a more cost-effective way than hiring staff.

You can find out more about improving customer service over the phone and online in our blog.

If you want to talk about our call answering service or even start a free trial to see the benefits of our service up close, get in touch.

29th January, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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