A virtual receptionist is so much more than a telephone answering service.

Hiring a virtual receptionist can help take a large part of your day-to-day business administration out of your hands.

This way you can focus on completing the work you’ve been contracted to do, and concentrate on growing your business.

A virtual receptionist can become the first line of your business communications.

They can help you keep on top of your day.

And they can help keep your meetings organised.

Essentially a virtual receptionist can make time management easier and make your business more organised.

But not all virtual receptionist services offer all these extra services.

So, if you’re considering hiring a virtual receptionist, or if you’re thinking you might need a new provider to meet your needs, keep reading to find out what virtual receptionist services you should be able to get for your business.

Call answering services

This is the most basic service your virtual receptionist should be able to offer.

When you’re on a job or in a meeting you can’t always guarantee you’ll be able to answer the phone.

But not answering the phone could be a lost sale, or an existing customer you’ve just annoyed by sending them to voicemail.

A virtual receptionist should be able to ensure your business never misses a call and that everyone who calls you is treated professionally, with a personalised service.

Call management

For a business with multiple employees you might not be too worried about the phone being answered.

But what you should be worried about is spam sales calls taking your employees’ time.

Or making sure the right calls are sent to the right people smoothly.

A virtual receptionist can act as a screen for your employees.

They can take initial calls and ensure your employees are protected from dealing with irritating calls that they don’t have time to deal with.

And a virtual receptionist can act as a traffic officer for your calls, ensuring calls are directed quickly to the right people at all times and keep your call management running professionally.

Diary management by a virtual receptionist

Running a business is a tough job and there are always demands being put on your time and things coming up at the last minute.

When you’re in a rush and someone calls asking a meeting or a call out for a quote, it can be too easy to just say yes without checking your diary.

That can easily lead to you double booking yourself and then disappointing potential customers by cancelling or reorganising appointments.

A virtual receptionist helps make sure you never let your diary get out of hand by managing your diary for you.

Your diary will be synced in real-time to your virtual assistant so any updates are made instantly and are visible by both sides.

This means if you block time out of your diary, your virtual receptionist will know not to book time out during those periods.

Similarly, if your receptionist books something into your diary, you’ll get an alert to notify you of new appointments.

Meeting booking

Trying to book meetings can quickly become a time consuming task, especially if you’re trying to organise and find time in multiple calendars.

You don’t have the time for this when you’ve got work to finish so you can get paid and move to the next job.

A virtual receptionist can take this hassle off your hands by booking meetings for you.

They’ll have real-time access to your calendar so they know when you’re available and can organise your meetings with key customers and clients so you can concentrate on your work and making more money.

Complete switchboard service

If you have lots of calls coming into your business that constantly have to be answered, rerouted or directed to people both in and outside of your business, then the right virtual receptionist service can operate as a full switchboard for your company.

Never worry about calls being sent to the wrong people, or customers getting lost in a maze of misrouted calls that lose you the confidence and trust of customers.

Instead, a virtual receptionist can keep your business’ calls moving quickly, smoothly and correctly to give you a fully professional call management and communication network that gains trust and wins confidence from your customers.

Get the best from your business communication with a virtual receptionist

If you want a phone answering service then a virtual receptionist can still be a valuable service with a good ROI for your business.

It can save you from answering your phone when you’re trying to complete work without worrying about missing a phone call.

But a virtual receptionist can be so much more than that.

With that right service you can quickly have a consistent and professional communication management function in the background that keeps customer calls moving to the right people at the right time.

Looking to hire a virtual receptionist but aren’t sure which services would be best?

Get in touch with us today and we’ll happily discuss what you’re looking for and what services would best fit your business.

Or read our complete guide to hiring a virtual receptionist to get more information on the benefits and considerations when choosing the right services.