Which direction to take for excellent public promotion in the B2B market?
Knowing where to go and how to start when thinking about your PR strategy is no easy feat. We’ve been toying around with PR strategies for awhile now, and with being quite new to raising our profile in the business to business market, it’s not always clear which direction to take in terms of promotion and publicity.  It’s always far too easy to promote your business and service, and shove it down people’s throats without really thinking what the main objective is.  Instead of ‘buy our service’ or ‘take a free trial’ the overall advice from The Guardian’s Small Business Network Q&A Session was to ensure that you’re selling a personable and relatable story, by answering questions Who? What? Why? Where?  Read on for our overview.

Before we participated in the #PRMasterclass we read the article that The Guardian used to promote the event (see here) and noted down some questions.  The main ones we wanted answered where:-

  • Should we use a press stories calendar?
  • How do we pitch to journalists?
  • What time of the day is best to email press releases?
  • Should a press release be sent as an attachment or copied into the body of an email?
  • How do we captialise on news/trends?
  • Are there any tricks?

 We put the questions to the panel, and had the following responses:-

  • Press calendars are a good idea, but it was advised not to get to anxious about creating a story if there isn’t one.  Be natural with your stories, and ensure its relatable to your business.  Is your story something that you would want to read about?  If not, look for another idea.  A couple of the media experts suggested looking on Janet Murray’s website for ideas.
  • Journalists love a direct pitch! And use the mantra Who? What? Where? When? Why? – get to know the journalist and build up a relationship with them, read the type of articles they write and love. 
  • The best time of the day to send press releases is defintely not on a Friday!  The general view was to avoid late afternoon and out of work hours.  Although I have read that just before close of business is a good time to send press release emails.
  • The best way, it seems, is to send out a press release as part of an email.  Having an attachment is considered a no-no.

 Top Tips from PR Excellence from The Guardian PR Masterclass Panel

Steve Kidson, Kia

Steve says to “keep it simple and try to get to know your media – that wasy they’ll love you!”

Katy Pollard, Listening Pig

“Think of the best, most interesting story about your business and just start telling people it!”

Janet Murray, Janet Murray Journalist and PR Coach

“If you want to get press coverage for our business, stop talking about it!” Janet goes on to say that “

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