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Are executive answering services worth it? (and what are they)

Are executive answering services worth it? (and what are they)

Although the term ‘executive answering service’ is basically just a fancy term for phone answering service, it doesn’t change the fact that there are many benefits your business can get from investing in one.

With customers being more demanding about the level of service they receive (like getting nearly immediate answers to any enquiry they have), having the resource of a reliable executive answering service behind you can be a valuable support to your customer service efforts.

It can also help you provide a better customer experience over the phone, without dealing with many of the costs and administrative headaches that can come with hiring full or part-time members of staff.

What can an executive answering service help you with exactly?

Call answering

The primary function of an executive answering service is to make sure all your business’ inbound calls are answered promptly and professionally at all times.

This ensures you always have a human voice at your end of the phone to greet your customers properly, rather than sending them to voicemail or relying on an automated call routing system.

Message taking

We all know that how messages are taken in an office can be erratic and that often different information (or incomplete information) can be common in messages.

This not only makes it hard to return calls, but it can create an unprofessional persona for your company if customers are being asked to repeat information they’ve already given you once.

An executive answering service can standardise what details are taken in your messages (based on what information you need) so that any message is accurate and allows you to return calls effectively for you and your customers.

Call forwarding

You may have experienced this yourself as a customer when someone has tried to connect you with a colleague and you’ve either ended up back where you started or have been disconnected because of a mistake.

This isn’t uncommon when employees whose main job isn’t to deal with phones are expected to answer them – mostly because the majority of employees say they get no training on how their company’s phone system works.

An executive answering service can stop customers falling into the blackhole of phone systems by ensuring calls are forwarded to the best available person every time.

Lead qualification

Here’s one you may not have thought of before, but an executive answering service can actually help your sales team qualify leads before they ever speak to sales.

By giving your lead qualification framework or questions to your executive answering service, your answering service can pre screen callers and only transfer them to sales if they meet the criteria you set.

This will free up your sales team to talk to more warm leads.

Block sales and nuisance calls

Here’s another big benefit that your team will love. An executive answering service can act as a barrier between your team and sales and nuisance calls.

This will give your team more of their time back to focus on their jobs and completing projects.

Your executive answering service can also ask for you to be removed from sales lists so you get fewer of these calls in the future.

What are the benefits of an executive answering service?

Create a more professional company image

Ultimately an executive answering service helps create a professional image of your company by providing a reliable and friendly point of contact on the phone that can help your callers achieve what they set out to.

Instead of relying on voicemails and IVRs, your callers will always have a real person to speak to when they need.

More efficient call handling

Answering calls promptly and taking messages or transferring callers to the right person quickly can create a more efficient – and enjoyable – customer service experience for your callers.

This doesn’t just stop time wasted by employees trying to answer calls, it can also improve your customer satisfaction. 

It’s more cost effective than hiring staff

There is still a place for ‘traditional’ receptionists, but hiring staff (even part-time) is expensive.

You have a yearly salary to pay (regardless of how busy your receptionist is) as well as costs like holiday pay, sick pay, insurance, tax and other admin to deal with.

An executive answering service is more cost effective because you pay a monthly fee based on how much support you need.

Plus, by using Face For Business’ executive answering service, we always optimise your monthly bill to make sure you’re on the most cost effective tariff so you really do only pay for what you use.

Get an out of hours call answering resource

Your customers’ enquiries and issues don’t start and end between 9-5, which means you can benefit from having someone available to answer the phones or respond to live chat enquiries outside of these office hours.

At Face For Business for example, our executive answering services operate between 8-8 on weekdays, 9-5:30 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday.

Customise how your calls are dealt with

One of the main differences between our executive call answering services and our competitors, is that we provide you with the full call recording of every call we deal with.

This means you can listen to exactly how every call is answered and dealt with and request changes if you hear something you don’t like.

We can also customise how we deliver messages or manage call transfers depending on your preferences so you have an executive call answering service that’s tailored specifically for you.

Executive Answering Services vs Traditional Receptionists

Executive answering services are more scalable

You’re not always going to need the same level of executive call answering support year round, but if you hire a receptionist for your office you’ll be paying the same annual salary regardless.

With an executive call answering service you can scale how much resource you have (and pay for) based on your demand so costs stay under control.

Executive answering services increase your availability

An executive answering service doesn’t just increase the number of hours your business is available to take calls, it can increase the number of calls you can deal with at one time.

A receptionist can only deal with one call at a time.

But with Face For Business’ executive call answering you get a lead PA (who is your point of contact) and a team of between 3-5 PAs who are all available to provide cover for your phones when one is busy.

This means you have a more reliable call answering resource without the additional costs. 

Better call management systems

As well as access to a team of professional PAs, an executive answering service also provides a better level of call management technology that can integrate with your existing systems like your CRM or even payment platform so we can take payments for you over the phone.

Could an executive answering service work for your business?

If you’ve read this far you might think it’s worth investing in an executive answering service.

But you don’t want to make an investment and then find out it’s not right for you – we get it.

So, that’s why we offer any new customers the chance to trial our executive answering service completely free for 7-days.

We’ll set you up on our systems and answer your calls for a week so you can see up close the value our call handling PAs can provide and then make a more informed decision.

Sound fair?

Get in touch to ask about a free trial or to get a quote of our executive answering service costs

16th February, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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