In 2011 research began to better understand the virtual PA marketplace and what customers really wanted from a service. Part of the process involved speaking to a wide variety of customers about their experiences with existing virtual PA providers.

The results were definitive ─ customers wanted a great PA not just a good PA; someone who knew their business inside and out and could deal with clients and callers like a full-time member of staff. The research also showed existing providers delivering poor customer experiences or services that gradually became less customer-centric, a key reason for customers switching or ditching providers.

The information gathered during the research phase formed the core of the Face for Business strategy to deliver a first-class service that truly addresses clients’ needs. In simple terms this entails understanding the clients, their industry, their customers, partners and suppliers and how calls and messages to each unique business can be handled with the utmost professionalism. It also means utilising the latest technology to be able to serve information to clients wherever they may be, and on whatever device they may be using.