Holiday Call Answering Face for Business

Holiday season is nearly upon us! How are you going to manage calls and kids?! How will you rest with a ringing mobile? We have the answers to your holiday dilemma here. Peace, quiet and assurance awaits you.

Telephone calls maintain your business

We know how much you rely on your telephone calls to maintain your business, grow your client base and to keep your existing customers happy, so we’ve your best interests at heart and have created a call answering holiday package to help alleviate any worries you may have about leaving your phones unmanned during your much needed holiday.

Your messages are emailed immediately

We’ll give you three week’s worth of call handling to ensure that you are set-up and ready before you go.  This also gives our PA’s the opportunity to get to know your business before they answer your calls.  It’s a win-win situation!  All we ask for is a set up fee of £50.00, which includes 20 messages.  Any additional messages will cost £1.30 each.  Plus, if you find that our service suits you, and you become a permanent client of ours, we’ll refund the set-up fee after you have paid your third month’s bill.  Your messages are emailed straight on to you immediately, giving you the freedom to chose which calls need returning, or not.

Excellent customer service whilst you’re away

Our team of PAs make it their business to know yours, and take pride in giving your callers a fantastic and positive experience. To prove this, we invite you to read our testimonials to see for yourself.

Listen to your calls from anywhere in the world

Our set-up service is prompt, and you’ll have the option to undertake a screen sharing session before you go on holiday to see how you can listen to your calls from whenever you may be on holiday. We give you access to an online portal, and as long as you have WiFi you’ll be able to log in to your portal and listen back.  This gives you the added assurance that we are handling your calls as you requested, giving the right message to your callers and doing what we said we would.

Business call answering service video

Watch this video to give you a quick overview of how our business call answering service works.

Ready to progress to the next step?

If you like what you’ve read and see, simply give us a call on 0333 323 1007 or email us, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

You deserve an uninterrupted holiday! Give yourself the freedom to relax!


Bon voyage!

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