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Help! Who can answer my business’ phone calls for me?

Help! Who can answer my business’ phone calls for me?

This will be a question you’ve asked yourself in the past if you’re reading this.

Whether too many calls are becoming a distraction, or you’re finding yourself unable to answer calls and are worried you’re missing new business opportunities.

Even choosing an answering service isn’t simple and raises some questions.

Can I trust them? Who are they? How do I know they provide a good service?

Face For Business try to answer these questions and assure you of many more answers in this article.

However, if you have any further questions about using a telephone answering service, we’d be more than happy to have an informal conversation with you.

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Telephone answering, phone answering, call handling and call answering are all terms used to describe the service we provide here at Face For Business.  Sounds good, but do you know what’s involved in the service and how it could benefit you?

What it’s not, is a faceless call centre where phones are answered and messages emailed by people you’ll never meet and who don’t know details about you business outside of your name and number.

At Face For Business we’re about so much more than that…

We offer a bespoke, professional answering service that fully supports our clients, helping them to flourish and grow. For some clients we answer all their calls all the time, for others we pick up the phone as and when we’re needed, and for some we are there to save the day when someone is sick or on holiday.

All clients get their own Lead PA.

The thing is, whatever the needs of our clients, we are confident that we will have a suitable pricing package and will allocate a lead PA that is right for them and their business.

A call handling PA for you

We take the recruitment of our PAs as serious as you would if you were hiring an office receptionist.

If anything we take it even more seriously to ensure we’re providing the best service for you. So, just as you would take your time to recruit the right PA/receptionist, so do we. We want you to know that your calls will be in the best hands.

  • All of our PAs are IQ and psychometrically tested, which means we only employ the highest calibre of people with the right personality to be an effective PA.
  • We ensure that they have exceptional grammar and spelling.
  • They will have undertaken a telephone interview and test using our system.
  • Before they are offered a place here, they spend the day with their proposed team to watch and learn how your calls are answered.
  • They undergo a six week training plan and are monitored throughout to ensure they have the relevant skills.
  • We ensure that they are right for you and your business, and have experience of your sector.
  • Above all else we make sure that they care about you and your calls.

Not so virtual PAs

Although our PAs work remotely for your business from our office, there’s nothing virtual about them.

An important part of our recruitment process is ensuring our PAs have had adequate life experience and have been within an office environment for a number of years.

From day one, our PAs will have got to know your business by learning about you, your company as well as reviewing your website and any other business literature you may have.

This means we can answer basic queries about your business so you can continue with your day without the distractions.

Your calls will be answered in your company name using a set greeting, approved by you, by a PA who is polite, efficient and sends you your messages just as they would if they were in the office with you.

“I would just like to say that the way Sarah has been handling my calls has been exemplary to the point of my customers asking me who that lovely lady is, that is my receptionist, as she was so helpful! All I can say is a big thank you to everyone at Face for Business, keep up the great work.”  –  Mayfair Consultancy Services UK Ltd

You can read more testimonials here

Call Recording

Whilst we guarantee all your calls will be handled professionally, with efficient transfers, all of our calls are also recorded, giving you 24-hour play back access to your messages. We believe we are one of the only transparent telephone answering services that lets you listen to your calls, as well as monitor them and send feedback.

We WANT to be the difference and strive to get it right first time.

“Giving us the opportunity to listen in on calls and feeding back in real time takes quality to an unprecedented level. Not many would lay themselves open to this degree but such is your confidence in the service you provide and all aimed at making the customer experience that much better.”  –  Northwood Estate Agents

A Face for Business online portal and app

As part of our service we offer a client portal that is easy to access 24/7 and allows you to review your calls anytime, anywhere. This can also be used to update your schedule and make changes to your availability and because your PA can see it, it keeps the lines of communication open. As mentioned above, you can also send your PA feedback.

“We love how easy it is to update our PA with our whereabouts either via the portal or a call and now we have no lunchtime or annual leave cover to manage.”  –  Beaumont Accountants

Diary Management

Just as with a traditional PA, your personal Face for Business PA can manage your diary (online) for you and take away one more admin job that clutters up your inbox.

If you feel like you’ve reached a time when you need a call answering service, why not get in touch and set up a free seven-day trial? Or, you can call Susan or Helen from our sales team for an informal chat to talk more about how our phone answering service can work for you in your business.

Our mission statement…

To become the UK’s best PA/Receptionist provider, by going the extra mile for our customers and delivering outstanding quality, service and value.

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17th July, 2017

Posted by Face For Business

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