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How a business call forwarding service benefits your company

How a business call forwarding service benefits your company

Call management might seem like an easy part of business – it’s simply making sure callers get to the right person when they call.

But it’s not as easy as it seems, especially in a busy office when employees are expected to deal with phone calls without the proper training.

And not getting call forwarding right can be devastating for your customer service.

A simple answer is to invest in a telephone answering service to deal with your call forwarding for you – as well as offering a range of other benefits too.

How can a call forwarding service help my business?

1 – They ensure calls are forwarded to the correct person

Customers aren’t always going to get through to the right person initially when they call.

At that point it’s the job of whoever answered the call to get that caller to the person they need.

And this needs to be smooth. Sending a caller to the wrong person or, worse, accidentally disconnecting them will ruin your reputation for good service.

Using a telephone answering service to deal with your call forwarding ensures calls are always directed to the right person first time, every time.

This creates a more streamlined customer experience.

2 – They can screen scam or unwanted calls

Beyond just forwarding calls, a call forwarding service can fulfil other needs like screening scams or nuisance calls so you don’t need to deal with them.

This will be more beneficial than you might think.

Scam and nuisance calls are rife in today’s hyper-connected world, with 45 million people in the UK targeted by scam calls or texts in the Summer of 2021, according to Ofcom.

But, with a call forwarding service, these calls would never get to you.

3 – They can forward calls when your office is closed

Most businesses follow standard office hours, like 9am to 5pm. 

But not all customers can call during these hours (because they’re working too).

This means you can either work additional hours to take calls outside of these times, or risk a caller moving onto a different company.

A better answer though is to use an out-of-hours call forwarding or telephone answering service that can manage these calls for you.

Depending on your preference, you can either use a service to take out of hours messages and forward them on to the right person, or you can assign certain priority calls to be forwarded on to particular people to deal with out of hours.

4 – They can forward calls to any suitable device

Gone are the days of people making phone calls with just hard-wired phones.

Today, thanks to modern technology, people can make and receive calls on a whole host of devices like smartphones, laptops and even tablets.

This gives businesses the chance to speak with customers in a range of ways. But it can be difficult to have calls transferred to the correct device when so many devices are being used.

If you work in a large business with many employees, you could be using a mixture of hard-wired phones as well as VOIP-powered devices like laptops to receive and send calls.

A call forwarding service works with your business to integrate with your existing phones or communication systems so you can have calls forwarded or messages delivered as you’d prefer.

Need a call forwarding service for your business? Speak to Face For Business today

With years of helping businesses of all sizes manage their calls, Face For Business is in a prime position to help you with your call forwarding, call answering and any other call-related issues you may be facing in your business.

With close to 3 million calls dealt with, we like to think we know what it takes to deliver exceptional over-the-phone service and call management.

Get in touch with Face For Business today to find out how we can help.

17th July, 2023

Posted by Face For Business

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