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How a lawyer answering service benefits your firm

How a lawyer answering service benefits your firm

Working with dozens of solicitor offices and other legal firms we see and hear all the challenges these businesses have when it comes to call answering and handling new enquiries.

And most of the challenges are the same across most offices.

Your team has a busy workload and needs the time to work through projects and be productive, but you also have to be responsive to existing clients and also be available to capture new opportunities when they come in.

It can be a difficult juggling act, and this is where a specialist lawyer answering service comes in.

Here we’ve compiled the most common benefits you can expect to see when hiring us.

More time to be productive

Being a solicitor can mean high pressure, tight deadlines and often dealing with commercially and personally sensitive information. Which means you need as much as time as possible to be focussed on client work.

Stepping away from your desk to answer phone calls can be highly disruptive, especially when they turn out to be spam or nuisance calls, or even sales calls.

However, when calls are existing clients seeking information, or new enquiries looking for your services, you can’t ignore those inbound calls.

A call answering service for your solicitors’ office can help you and your team be more productive, giving you time to focus on your core jobs while our specialist legal PAs deal with your customers and other inbound calls.

Spend less for more phone cover

Hiring a receptionist in the office (either full-time or part-time) is a common answer for law firms to cover phones and greet customers. However, with more employees splitting time between home and office, the traditional office receptionist isn’t as common.

Plus, hiring a member of staff involves paying a salary along with tax payments, insurance, pension contributions and administration of having employees.

Having a single member of staff to cover the phone also presents another challenge. That is that one person can only cover one call at a time. As soon as your receptionist answers one phone, they can’t answer another until they’re done with the call.

This means you’ve now lost your call answering resource, but are still paying wages.

By using our call answering service for law firms your office has a dedicated team (typically three PAs and a lead PA) who can cover your phones and deal with calls when one is busy – this way there is always someone available to pick up the phone for your business.

Plus, because you only pay for the service you use, and we optimise your bill on a monthly basis to put you on the most cost-effective tariff based on your usage, our legal answering service is much cheaper than hiring a receptionist.

More scalable call answering

Hiring a receptionist for your office may seem like a good investment when you’re busy, but what happens during quieter periods of the year, and you find yourself still paying a full-time wage, despite not needing the same level of call answering?

This is one of the biggest downsides of hiring a receptionist to deal with your calls, especially from a cost perspective.

Alternatively, a call answering service for your law firm allows you to more easily scale the amount of resource you have (and pay for) based on what you need.

Capture more out-of-hours enquiries

It’s not always feasible for clients or prospects to call you during the usual 9-5, especially when they’re also working while trying to deal with the issue you’re dealing with, whether it’s a mortgage application or family issue.

This means unless you plan to work extended hours, or pay significant amounts of overtime, you’ll struggle to manage calls out-of-hours, and could miss out on new business enquiries.

Our legal answering service, on the other hand, can help you cover those out-of-hours calls during the early mornings, later evenings and even the weekends.

Your PAs can take detailed messages for you to deal with in the morning when it’s convenient, or we can transfer urgent calls to the necessary number, depending on your preferences.

Always answer calls professionally

We understand that being a solicitor is a lot about building relationships with clients and there is a pressure, and expectation, to present a professional front at all times.

With the issues being dealt with when hiring a solicitor, this professional face is a must as it’s reassuring for clients.

Investing in a lawyer answering service like ours helps you create a consistent, professional and reliable customer service persona for your firm by always having a real, friendly voice on your end of the phone when someone calls.

Even if we can’t handle enquiries directly and need to take a message or transfer a call, your clients will be reassured that a real person has registered their call, rather than using an answering machine or generic call centre.

You can read more here about how we’ve helped one busy law firm, Breens Solicitors, with our telephone answering service.

Try our specialist lawyer call answering service FREE for 7-days

If you’re not sure whether our call answering service is worth it for your solicitors’ office, then use our 7-day FREE trial to find out, with no obligation.

You’ll have the benefit of our professional, experienced legal PAs for a week and can get a better understanding of the value we can provide.

If it’s still not for you after the trial, we can go our separate ways.

Sound fair enough?

Call us on 0333 323 1007 or fill in the enquiry form (on the right) and one of the team will get back to you.

18th December, 2023

Posted by Face For Business

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