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How accountants can use customer service as an effective marketing tactic

How accountants can use customer service as an effective marketing tactic

It’s not easy to find a good accountant and finding someone you can trust to make the process of annual returns and other tax issues easy is like gold dust for business owners.

As an outsourced provider to many accountants we hear often how important customer service has become as part of an accountants offering. Doing the work of returns and tax matters is one thing, but more and more the level of service and communication provided to clients is becoming more important.

Customer service has often been considered a “backroom” support function, but at a time when customers are becoming more vocal about the level of service they get there is now an opportunity to bring customer service upfront and use it as a key marketing and sales tool.

Here’s how.

  1. Make your firm stand out

It’s a competitive market for accountants and clients are looking for differentiators to help them make a decision beyond just the cost of the service.

Filing accounts can be a complicated process for business owners (especially new business owners) and there can be lots of questions to ask and information to confirm and having an accountant who’s responsive and readily available when needed can be an invaluable resource.

Maybe far more than ever before, how accountants deliver a service can be just as important as the service they deliver – especially when clients are comparing similar levels of work.

  1. Using service to retain more business

Finding a good accountant who’s communicative and reliably available when needed is highly valuable and having this reassurance isn’t taken lightly. Being known as an accountant who provides great service as well as being highly knowledgeable about tax and business finance make it far more likely that clients will stay with the firm.

  1. Earn more reviews and testimonials

More customers are now researching products and services online these days and using word of mouth in the form of reviews and testimonials can be a huge boost to an accounting firm’s marketing and sales efforts.

Delivering great customer service can greatly increase the chances of receiving positive reviews from existing customers and, just as importantly, can guard against negative reviews, which can be extremely detrimental.

  1. Building trust with professional communication

We hear all the time from both accountants and their clients how important communication is, especially during tax season when documents are being shared and information gathered.

Any misunderstandings or missed communications can have a negative impact on hitting deadlines and ultimately relationships.

The lack of communication can be one of the biggest cracks that appears between accountants and clients, when calls are being made but can’t be answered or messages are taking longer to return.

Having a human voice on the end of the phone can be more reassuring for clients when they call because at least they know they’ve had their enquiry heard by someone and that it’s been passed on if it hasn’t already been resolved.

This higher standard of customer service plays a long-term marketing role by building trust and confidence with clients over time and can help with winning new business through referrals.

  1. Winning new business through referrals

Constantly investing in outbound marketing and sales can be costly if you’re always needing to fill your pipeline with new prospects.

A much more effective tool, and one which can pay off more in both the short and long-term, is to have existing clients do your marketing for you through word-of-mouth and referrals.

Achieving referrals through customer service is far more cost effective than constantly investing in marketing campaigns and sales activity. Plus, new customers won through referrals are more likely to stay longer because they have the reassurance that you can deliver (because you already are delivering for someone in their network).

Using customer service as an accountants marketing tool

Accountants can benefit greatly in their marketing and sales efforts by using great customer service with existing clients.

By using customer service as a marketing tool and using every customer interaction as an opportunity to build your brand or encourage referrals you can achieve all the benefits of a successful marketing and sales campaign, without as high a cost.

This can help accounting firms to create a reliable and sustainable pipeline of new business from an existing pool of happy customers.

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01st March, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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