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How call answering can boost your cosmetic nurse’s solo practice

How call answering can boost your cosmetic nurse’s solo practice

The number of people enquiring about cosmetic procedures has been on the rise in the last year.

Some of the rise has been put down to a phenomenon known as the “Zoom Boom” or “Lockdown Face”.

It’s come around because we’re all spending more time on video conferencing and, according to cosmetic doctors, more people are taking notice of things they want to get changed.

The point is, the business is there for aesthetic nurses and clinics to win more business.

But when you’re a solo nurse running your own clinic (whether it’s a mobile clinic or operating from a fixed location) how can you be sure you’re not missing out on business when you’re working?

And what could be the consequences of missing just a few calls a day?

The issues with running a solo aesthetic clinic

Running a solo business requires a lot of organisation and administration.

You have to manage your website, take bookings, network, organise your invoices – and all sorts of other small jobs that can take a lot of time.

But one thing you can’t get around, is that when you’re working with clients you can’t be available to answer the phone or deal with new business enquiries.

When you’re selling small ticket items, missing a few calls in the day isn’t such a big deal.

But aesthetic nurses can make thousands in profits a week – around £3,000 a week after space hire and product costs.

So missing calls when you’re working can lead to a lot of missed profit.

For example, a single botox treatment can cost around £200 per area.

So just missing three calls a day can cost you £600 in lost profits – at least.

How a call answering service can help

If you can’t answer the phone when you’re with clients you have two options.

First, you can rely on your answering machine to take messages.

But this is highly unreliable.

Customers have a lot of options when it comes to service providers, especially health and beauty providers.

If you’re not available to take their calls, they’ll just go to someone else who will.

This is when a call answering service comes in useful.

With specially trained virtual receptionists who work as part of your business, you never need to worry about missing calls.

Your virtual receptionist can be available during regular business hours.

They can even help you extend your hours in the week and allow you to take bookings at the weekend – without you having to deal with the phone.

That way you can focus on your business and treating clients.

Plus, as well as answering calls and taking messages, your call answering service can help you take bookings, organise your diary and can even take payments if you usually take them upfront.

When you sign up to your call answering or virtual receptionist, you can automatically sync your booking diary to their system so any updates or changes are made in real-time, so you never need to worry about double booking appointments.

Get call answering with Face For Business

At Pulse by Face For Business we have call answering agents and virtual receptionists who specialise in the healthcare sector.

They’re experienced in dealing with enquiries that can be sometimes sensitive in nature and can help you with your diary management and taking payments over the phone too.

Plus, if you manage your business via a website, we can even help you add a chat bot to your site to manage online bookings and deal with customer enquiries.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our call answering and virtual receptionist services.

23rd September, 2021

Posted by Face For Business

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