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How customer service can boost your legal firm’s marketing

How customer service can boost your legal firm’s marketing

Trust and relationships play a big part in choosing a solicitor.

When clients are trusting you with serious legal matters, great customer service can provide reassurance and make sometimes stressful situations less so.

It’s too easy to think about customer service as being a support system that answers questions or deals with bills. In reality, customer service can actually be highly effective when it comes to marketing your solicitors’ office.

Here’s how.

  1. Differentiate yourself

There is no shortage of solicitors on the High Street and online.

In a crowded market, when the service you offer is going to be roughly the same as your competitors (albeit you might differentiate yourself on the type of law you cover) how you provide your product or service can be a simple way to make you stand out to new clients.

This is because customers today are far more focussed on the service they’ll get from a provider, not just the quality of the product or even the price.

Improving your customer service could be something as simple as picking up the phone when someone calls with their initial enquiry (or sounding friendly and professional).

These initial conversations will set the tone for any future client relationship, and a poor experience for the client could immediately put you on the back foot.

  1. Keep more of your current business

Unless clients are looking for help with a legal problem you don’t specialise in, there is a good chance they’ll come to you again in the future if they need help again.

Provided they had a good experience with you the last time.

It can be a stressful time for someone dealing with a legal issue regardless of what it is, and knowing they’ll at least get a reliable, professional and friendly service with you can be enough to retain business from former or existing clients.

Your firm can also benefit from providing great customer service because clients who are happy with you are more likely to refer you to their friends and family.

  1. Positive reviews and testimonials

Unless a client is coming to you directly (whether you’ve been recommended or they’ve worked with you before) there’s a good chance a part of their research into a finding a solicitor will take place online.

This leaning towards online research has put a lot of power behind positive reviews on search engines like Google and even on social media.

Having a number of positive reviews and testimonials about the service you offer can make the difference between winning and losing business

  1. Using communication to build trust

Dealing with legal matters can be highly confusing and complex for regular people, especially considering the outcomes of legal matters can have quite impactful results on a person’s life.

When dealing with such important, and sometimes sensitive, issues regular and professional communication from you to a client can make a big difference in keeping them calm and informed.

It’s quite often not knowing where an issue is up to that can cause unrest so being easily available to provide answers when they arise can make a big difference.

This higher level of customer service further aids your marketing by building trust over the long-term with existing clients and help you with future word of mouth marketing. 

  1. Win more referral business with the excess marketing costs

Marketing can be an expensive pursuit when you’re always trying to create new campaigns and material to attract new clients. Providing great customer service to existing clients can actually help you to reduce these marketing costs by turning clients into advocates for your firm.

Solicitors can often rely on word of mouth and referrals to win new clients, so putting emphasis on the client experience and being reliable and available when clients need you can go a long way to helping with referrals and marketing through word of mouth.

Creating marketing success for legal firms with better customer service

Solicitors and legal firms can benefit greatly by viewing customer service as part of their wider sales and marketing. Afterall, all of these departments rely on having positive interactions with customers so it follows that they can all benefit each other too.

These benefits can extend far beyond the initial interactions you have with customers.

By using customer service as a marketing tool your firm can benefit from better brand building and new referral business through word of mouth marketing – which is far more cost effective in the long run than producing new campaigns.

By prioritising customer service and building it into the marketing tool kit, solicitors can create a sustainable and thriving pipe-line of new business.

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04th March, 2024

Posted by Face For Business

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